InvoicePlane is searching for Developers

The InvoicePlane project is nearly one year old and it’s amazing how the app and it’s community developed in the past months. I got and get a lot of help from people from all over the world and I really appreciate every single line of code, every single sentence that helps another user. But this is just the beginning!

InvoicePlane needs new Developers

A few months ago I asked the community if they would like to see InvoicePlane being upgraded to the next level. CodeIgniter wasn’t updated for months so I started a poll about porting IP to Laravel. The answer was yes.
So Laravel 5 was relesed some weeks ago but I didn’t managed it to start the development even if there are some preparations at the v2 Development Repository and some threads in this community.

So what about that “hiring” thing?

I really have a lot of things to do and I can’t work full-time on InvoicePlane (even if I want to). So I would like to “hire” new developers for the upgrade of InvoicePlane v2 to Laravel 5. I write hiring in quotes because the developers won’t get a new paid job here. IP is an open source project and we don’t have money we could spend.

Your benefit?

Working on InvoicePlane is basically a free-time job for developers who just want to help, need a challenge or want to improve their skills. You will benefit of a teamwork with a flat hierarchy and I bet that we’ll laugh a lot! :smile:

Last but not least: you will be one of these people who make the world a better place with developing an awesome, free and open source software for people who can’t afford SAP.

And before I forget this:

  • a free license for the PhpStorm IDE from Jetbrains
  • a free license for Mockups from Balsamiq
  • access to our development tools that normally are not free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ready to jump in?

If you want to help us developing you should

  • have fun with coding,
  • speak English good enough that anybody knows what you mean, :blush:
  • know how to write basic web applications with PHP
  • have already worked with Laravel.

If you match these “requirements” contact me at and I'll guide you trough the community and development process.
A guide for all interested guys (or girls!) out there will be online in some days.

Looking forward to hear from you!