The Story behind InvoicePlane

Kevin Woblick
May 21, 2015 · 2 min read

One year ago I registered the domain and officially started the project. Since then a lot of things happened.

Why I started the project

Back in 2013 I searched for an open source software to write quotes and invoices for my clients and I found FusionInvoice by Jesse Terry. The software provided all features I needed and I was pretty happy with that. Unfortunately about 9 months later the FusionInvoice forums and the website disappeared without any notice, the project seemed abandoned. Jesse Terry decided to built a new FusionInvoice which should be sold as a commercial product.
I knew that the FusionInvoice community was quite big and it was a real pity that no one took care of the software.

FusionInvoice 1.x got a successor

A few months later, about one year ago today, I contacted Jesse Terry and asked him if I could take up the project. We decided that the project should stay alive but we needed a new name because nobody should mix up the commercial FusionInvoice 2 and the open source version. Just a day later I found a new name: InvoicePlane. And the project was born.
Jesse transferred the codebase to me and I started creating the website, the repositories and searched for a good forum software. Then just a few weeks later, on 23 August 2014 I released the first official version 0.9beta after I upgraded all assets like Bootstrap, Codeigniter and jQuery.

InvoicePlane: The last year in review

I learned a lot of things about project management in the past year. It’s kinda difficult for a single person to take care of so many things at once. The website, website templates for local versions like, the forum, the support for existing users, advertisement, the new wiki and — last but not least — the development itself. Sometimes it was quite hard to manage everything and I made some mistakes, especially with testing the software. But you learn from your mistakes.
Now I look into the feature of the project and I’m excited about what will come and what will happen.

The future of InvoicePlane

From today on I focus on the development of InvoicePlane 2. The next version is built with the new Laravel 5 and other modern web standards. Bootstrap, jQuery and other important libraries will be used for the software. But InvoicePlane 1 will not be abandoned or marked deprecated. As other developers are able to send pull requests for new features there may be some new versions with new features. I really hope that I’ll get some spare time to work a lot on IP 2 to release an early alpha version in late fall this year.

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