User Survey Q1 2015 — Report

This is the report for the first InvoicePlane User Survey from quarter one of 2015.

Number or Participants149Completed Responses82Incomplete Responses67Start Date17.08.2014End Date30.03.2015

Who uses InvoicePlane and how?

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Module Ratings

We asked the users to rate the modules with numbers from 1 to 5 where 1 = very bad and 5 = very good.
Here are the summarized results:

  • The most users are satisfied with the overall design and handling of the application (average rating > 4).
  • The common average ratings range from about 3,5 to 4.
  • PDF Templates received the lowest average rating of 3,33.
  • The Quickactions received the highest average rating of 4,33.

New Features / Improvements

We asked the users to rate the importance of some new planned features with numbers from 1 to 5 where 1 = no interest and 5 = must-have.
Here are the summarized results:

  • Most important feature: Discounts (Ø 4,26)
  • Support for HTML and CSS in eMail Templates, an expenses module and custom payment terms for each customer are very important (Ø 3,82).
  • Additional payment gateways like Stripe are not that important (Ø > 3).
  • Support for Bitcoin payments is not important (Ø 2,08)

Would the users recommend InvoicePlane to other people?

  • 80 would recommend InvoicePlane while 2 wouldn’t.

You can download the complete report here: IPUS Q1 2015 Report.pdf (.pdf | 1,2 MB)