EngageMINT: Fresh Connections

engageMINT event series

involveMINT is launching a monthly event series to directly engage with our community. Every event will be located in a different community of focus. We kicked off this week in the East End as a celebration of Pittsburgh’s second annual Inclusive Innovation Week. #WeInnovatePGH

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Get Connected

Check out what local nonprofits and businesses are up to. All guests will be the first to use involveMINT’s app for new digital currency. Network with friends, and enjoy complimentary food and drinks.

Finding Solutions

Within our 21st century economy, innovation and disruption happen with lightning speed. Many of our communities find themselves lagging behind or unable to keep up with this dynamism. As our traditional social structures, funding sources, and governmental safety nets are currently challenged or dismantled, the communities and the stakeholders within them all face unprecedented challenges.


Pittsburgh is thriving with a high number of socially conscious businesses and organizations tackling these economic challenges. However, involveMINT aims to vitalize them by connecting local partners with the resources they need most. What would happen if we could activate the local economy that exists in each neighborhood in order to help? The first step is to realize that we have all we need to thrive, it is just a matter of connecting resources with those who need it most.

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Experience firsthand how involveMINT is activating these resources and encouraging cross sector collaboration in an exciting new way!