What is involveMINT ?

involveMINT is a startup based in Pittsburgh, PA.

involveMINT mobilizes volunteers and small businesses to (re)build communities.

involveMINT is changing the culture of volunteerism by crafting a broad, intentional network of organizations and businesses to support those looking to impart change in our communities. This network promotes regular service and thoughtful collaboration around (re)building communities amid our increasingly stratified and busy lives.

involveMINT uses currency as a tool to change the culture of volunteerism and social impact. We want to engage communities and create economic capacity where it does not currently exist — leveraging community assets (such as mainstay businesses and institutions) to create social impact. This technology decreases the degree of separation from becoming involved, and allows people to instantaneously learn about issues and become stewards of their own community.

We’re enabling people to collaboratively tackle problems in their community through a new form of intentional currency that is earned by participating on a community project or initiative hosted by a participating organization. This currency, or “time credit,” can then be traded with other community members for services, or redeemed at local businesses and institutions through any mobile device.


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