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Boosters 💉

In the first half of the year, the government ran a mass vaccination campaign that would’ve made global leaders smile. The US was able to vaccinate more than half of their citizens, which some countries have struggled to do, and in quick fashion too. The CDC was able to change guidelines so that vaccinated people wouldn’t have to wear masks in public, and I personally sat in a movie theater without one in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, halfway was all they could go as vaccines are in heavy supply right now; it’s just that the rest of the people don’t want it. It’s their personal choice, and a questionable one, but the vaccines are being used for something else now.

Welcome to the world of booster shots, where people can get a 3rd vaccine dose to boost their immunity. Like many vaccines, your immunity wears off after you receive the dose as time passes by, so the 3rd shot should add some nitro to the immune system. They want to give booster shots to the older population rather than the youth, and vaccine companies are ready. Moderna’s booster shot made some progress yesterday as a panel of vaccine experts working with the FDA voted 19–0 to recommend authorization of a 3rd dose. This follows Pfizer’s approval, but the panel recommends that the booster shot should be half the dose of a regular one, which is unique to others. According to Patrick Moore, a member of the committee, the decision seems to be gut-feeling compared to serious data analysis, and this has become a major talking point among critics. Many argue that the doses should be going to foreign countries instead of boosters, claiming that the globe needs to be vaccinated as a whole, and that is a valid point. To prevent more deaths, though, older individuals need the best immune system response possible, and variants aren’t helping. What do you think about the panel’s decision?

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Originally published at on October 15, 2021.

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