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Cut the Mink 😷

The world cull is just a nice way of saying slaughter. Unfortunately for the minks in Denmark, there are currently plans to cull its entire mink population.

Looks like your already ridiculously priced mink coat is in for a price hike.

The decision comes after a reported coronavirus mutation was found in the animals. The worst part is, the mutation spread to humans and the government stated that such a mutation has the potential of lowering the efficacy of future vaccines.

There was a total of five cases of the new virus strain on mink farms and twelve cases found in humans, according to health authorities. “The mutated virus can have devastating consequences worldwide”, said Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

So far, it’s been said that there is still no evidence which supports the idea that people infected with the new strain will experience a more serious disease. In all fairness, there are only twelve confirmed cases as of right now. Compared to the 48.3 million cases of COVID-19, this data pool is just too small, and the strain is way too new to make any conclusions.

Denmark is the world’s second biggest farmer of mink, behind China. What the cull means for the many Danish farmers is disastrous. Denmark’s minister for food and fisheries made it clear that he was aware that many Danish mink farmers “are about to lose their livelihood and for some, their entire life’s work. But it is the right thing to do in a situation where the vaccine, which is currently at the end of a very dark tunnel, is in danger.”

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Originally published at on November 6, 2020.

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