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Moon Rocks 🌕

When was the last time you saw a news headline about launching a rocket to the Moon? For many of us, we’ve probably never seen one as no nation has attempted to head to the moon since the 1970s.

China is bringing the Moon vibes back in action after the country officially launched an unmanned spacecraft to the Moon with plans on bringing back lunar rocks. The Chang’e-5 (China’s probe) has a goal of learning more about the Moon’s origin and formation and will collect rocks from an unvisited area of the Moon’s surface.

Specifically, the mission will consist of collecting 4.5 pounds of samples in a previously untouched area of the Moon called Oceanus Procellarum, otherwise known as “The Ocean of Storms.” With this, the country will have the chance to learn more about the Moon’s surface on levels no one else has ever seen as previous missions from the Soviet Union and the United States got samples that comprised only half of the lunar surface.

China has big plans of space exploration in the upcoming decades. The country is saying it has plans to build a “robotic space station” on the Moon within the next 10 years. Not only this, but the country has publicly stated that it aspires of getting samples from Mars before 2030.

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