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How would you like to own your favorite artist’s music?

It’s a simple question… One that plays out in the press each week, as we read about musicians’ music collections passing from one private equity firm to another. Earlier this year it was the Taylor Swift collection, sold by Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings to another anonymous investment firm for a rumored $500MM. Just this past week it was Bob Dylan’s music, sold to Universal for more than $300MM.

Artists today have a new avenue allowing them to take charge of their music for generations to come and monetize their future royalties, all because INX changed the pieces on the table. Selling to private equity firms is yesterday’s news.

You see, artists have significant followings, most easily measured as fans or followers on Twitter, Tik-Tok, Youtube etc. These followers love the artists and their work. They also make up what we in financial circles would call a retail community.

Before INX, fractional, digital investments were only possible if you were an accredited investor, a legal designation for “wealthy” And so, security tokens were issued to, and invested in, by wealthy folks, investing large ticket minimums like $100K.

INX saw digital securities as the future, but knew that these would only be successful if everyone — rich and poor — could invest in them. And so we approached the SEC along with Ernst & Young and asked how we could democratize these securities. It was an arduous process… I’m sure everyone reading this already knows it took us over 950 days, but finally we were able to produce a digital security open to all investors. The INX Token that we are selling today is the first of its kind, and the F1 prospectus that you can find on our website is the roadmap to every digital security going forward.

Thanks to INX, any artist can turn their fans into investors… Investors with a keen interest in the artist and their art. Taylor Swift could create the Taylor Swift Music Trust, and sell tokens to her fans. The fans would send in $$ in exchange for tokens. The money raised by Taylor would then be used to buy back her recorded catalog. The music, and future royalties would now be owned by the fans (and Taylor if she participated herself), and not some black-box private equity firm.

Back in the 80’s I collected vinyl records, in the 90’s I collected CD’s. In the 2020’s I want to collect tokens in the artists I admire. I want to participate in their success.

Once the fans fractionally own the music catalog, their investment will appreciate the more the songs are played… Having millions of fans constantly asking for radio stations to play a specific artist, and pushing for commercial use is a good thing. It will speed up the appreciation of the tokens.

INX thinks like this too. While we don’t create great music, we do intend on being the best crypto and security token exchange. And while we don’t have fans, we certainly have keen investors, many in our Telegram Channel, and tens of thousands more subscribing on our website. It is in our investors’ interest to discuss INX wherever they go, and encourage others to use our platforms. Sure, we could have gone with Private Equity firms, or Venture Capital… But would they pack the same punch on social media, in word of mouth? And would that have been fair? We think not. Security Tokens created in the INX mold have democratized investments.

Now it’s not just the big black-box investment firms that have control.

Now, it’s you.

To get a greater sense of our vision for digital assets please check out our videos here.

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