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ioBuilders’ new partnership with Palm NFT Studio, the NFT ecosystem that maintains an almost 0% carbon footprint.

As their new partner and suppliers, ioBuilders is helping on Palm’s rollout, with infrastructure support, functional development of NFTs services as well as creating transversal tools for the ecosystem.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Palm Studio NFT is that their ecosystem of NFTs is environmentally friendly. It features low gas cost and uses 99% less power than Proof of Work Systems. But, how do they achieve this?

“Palm’s consensus mechanism allows the network to offer affordable transactions for users while also maintaining an almost 0% carbon footprint. This is possible because IBFT-2 only requires a small set of validators for the network to remain secure, which drastically cuts down on infrastructure and network costs.”

If you want to learn more about Palm’s system you can read more here:

The Space Jam: A New Legacy NFTs collection, launched alongside with Nifty’s, has been a complete success. They sold out all the 91.000 NFTs that made up the collection in less than 24 hours. Now, Palm is launching a new NFTs collection with the artist Damien Hirt and HENI.




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