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ioeX Biweekly Report: February 11th — February 24th


Biweekly Summary

Happy Chinese New Year! Two weeks after the Chinese New Year, ioeX is to continue this joyous and lively atmosphere with our brand new vibrant yellow & red colored logo! Wishing all of our fans and partners abundance of wealth and prosperity! Lots of good thing took place in only two weeks, please continue to read…

Latest News

ioeX in red
ioeX debuts in a new look in 2019, with the spiritual color of red, yellow and purple ioeX is full of energy in 2019! check out our new ioeX VIP platform :

Happy Valentine’s Day from ioeX
Every ioeX followers are ioeX’s lover. The meaning of Valentine’s Day is not about expensive gifts or delicious feast, instead to be thankful to those who love and care about you. ioeX sincerely thank Y’all. ioeX will work harder in this new year.

ioeX is on Top7 ICO
TOP7 ICO is a globally renowned cryptographic currency scoring center. There are 17 blockchain experts analyzing ICO, and it starts in 2017. ioeX has ranked by the Elder, Lendex0, as first place ICO in all cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu also rated ioeX with 87 high points. ioeX thanks to both senior experts see the future of ioeX. For more information:

Interviewing ioeX
Through years of efforts, ioeX has built a good reputation. After an investigation, we notice that 80% of the bitcoin supporters in Taiwan have heard of ioeX. ioeX team interviewed two people in the bitcoin community: Harrison and Jane. Let’s hear about how they think of ioeX.

ioeX is now launching Android app officially
Search the keyword “ioeX” and get ioeX App on Google Play, or click the link below to download the installation file to your phone and your smart device
Clients app for mobile:
Device app for smart device:
▲The ioeX Android version is now for X-Cloud (Personal Cloud) and X-Wallet (IOEX Wallet) features.
▲Currently, APP is a beta version, welcome everyone to leave your suggestion on iChat, and you might get IOEX as rewards!
▲Fellows from Apple user: Please wait for IOS app, ioeX app still on the process of verification.
▲The IOS app will release the features of X-Talk (crypto-messenger) and X-Wallet (IOEX Wallet).
▲To ensure the executables of each function in each version both IOS and Android version will launch the feature evenly.

Whit Paper Guide Reading Part5: The relationship of ioeX and Elastos Carrier
Elastos is the top 100 cryptocurrency in the world. The relationship between ioeX and Elastos could be explained as cars and engines, Elastos (engines) can be used in a variety of domains, such as in cars, airplanes etc. Say ioeX uses these “engines” to build cars with various functions. What kind of collide do ioeX and Elastos have, click the link to know more:

Crypopedia: How to apply blockchain technology in voting?
New technology brings new qualities to the lives of human beings, so does blockchain technology. ️ In addition to cryptocurrency, blockchain can also be applied to other aspects. Also, blockchain-based government systems are available in lots of countries since 2018. Know more about blockchain-based voting system:

Press Report

ioeX is on the most indicative media YAHOO is the top10 website in the world, through the partnership with Liberty Korea Party in the voting system ioeX is on the global media again.【South Korea’s Largest Opposition Party “Liberty Korea Party” Partners with Taiwanese Startup ioeX】click the link and check it out:

China Times: ioeX Voting System Press Conference in Korea
{Taiwan blockchain start-up successfully cooperate with Korea’s largest opposition party}. Liberty Korea Party announced that it will work with ioeX team to promote the blockchain voting system and will use the ioeX blockchain solution to create a public petition function. Thanks to the China Times report, ioeX is once again exposed in the mainstream news of Taiwan.

Technical Developments

1.ioeX technical team focuses on optimization of ioeX APP for Android system which facilitates functions of multi-device operation/remote setting of private cloud storage service(X-Cloud). Users may download ioeX APP latest version on Google Play.

2. Multilingual ioeX APP for Android system is now available. This multi-language supported function is also available for IOEX wallet (X-Wallet), private cloud storage (X-Cloud) and a business platform (X-VIP). The language settings and shifting between functions are in the synchronization process. ioeX technical team is also working on the enhancing stability of the APP.

3.ioeX technical team improves the function of private communication (X-Talk) and the transmission stability in the iOS system for better user experiences when performing audio/video record. The latest version of the APP will be available in the App Store soon.

4.ioeX technical team is to plan the improvement program on data transfer and Broken-point continuingly-transferring, aiming at the improvement of transferring stability in the distributed network. The team members have been devoted to building the structure and its practice.

・For more information please visit our official website for more details: and join us in the following Telegram to contact us : )

・Recently there are unscrupulous person impersonating ioeX staff by sending email to others with a fake email address, requesting receivers to remit money. We hereby declare that ioeX staff will never send a direct message to request remittance. Please contact ioeX administrator in Telegram (CN, EN) if you have any question or concern.

・The domain name of our official accounts is “”. Any account sending emails without the following content “Emails sent by “” will never request receivers to remit money.” shall be considered as a fake account. Please contact ioeX administrator in Telegram if you have any question or concern.

・ Thank you for taking the time to read our weekly report, your support is highly appreciated. Please follow us in the following media communities of ioeX for the latest information:





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