ioeX Biweekly Report: January 28th — February 10th


Biweekly Summary

ioeX wishes everyone good luck in 2019 the Year of Pig. ioeX have been favored by the Korean Liberal Party, the national blockchain voting system of the Korean Liberal Party will be organized by ioeX. ioeX CEO Aryan was also invited by the organizer of the 2019 Blockchain Industry Technology Summit on Jan. 29th. continue read for more information…

Team Activities

ioeX wish you a Happy Chinese New Year
ioeX CEO Aryan wishes everyone good luck in the year of Pig.
Click the video to see the new year surprise of ioeX team.

ioeX is co-operating with Korea’s largest opposition party, which will soon be launching ioeX Voting system
Korea's largest opposition party — Liberty Korea Party announced a partnership with ioeX!
Liberty Korea Party will work with Taiwan’s ioeX across borders
Implementing ioeX blockchain solutions in voting and polling systems!
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Newsis —
Newsis —
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ioeX launching Android app officially
Search the keyword “ioeX” and download the ioeX App on Google Play, or click the link below to download the installation file to your phone and your smart device.
Android app for smart phone:
Device app for smart device:
*the ioeX Android version is now for X-Cloud (Personal Cloud) and X-Wallet (IOEX Wallet) features.
*Currently, APP is a beta version, welcome everyone to leave your suggestion on iChat, and you might get IOEX as rewards! iChat→
*IOS user: Please wait for IOS app, ioeX app still on the process of IOS verification. The IOS app will release the features of X-Talk (crypto-messenger) and X-Wallet (IOEX Wallet)
*To ensure the executables of each function in each version both IOS and Android version will launch the feature evenly.

IOEX wallet Web Version released Officially
All the data will be permanently retained in the ieoX official chain, please click the link below to register and be our first batch of a member in ioeX chain. ※ X-VIP Business Platform — The withdraws function will be finished until Feb 28th in the accounting center.

ioeX@2019 Blockchain Industry Technology Summit
This great gathering is the first Mega Tech-Event of Blockchain in 2019. ioeX CEO Aryan has given a speech at the conference which the title is “Smart device distribution forms a decentralized network that utilizes blockchain to provide new service models” click the link to be surprised!

IOEX Tester Winners Announced
Thank you all for being our IOEX Beta tester, ioeX can go further With your support and advice. ioeX has announced the winner list on Jan. 30th, Once again ioeX thank all the tester, we will work harder to present ioeX for everyone. Click the link to see the winner list:

White Paper Guide Part 4: At-home Internet Access
The full-text white paper usually makes it difficult for everyone to understand. The critically acclaimed white book series is back! The White Paper Guide Part4 introduce you about the unique function of At-home Internet Access. Click for more:

Cryptopedia-Crypto/Bitcoin-related words

ioeX’s thoughtful editor has collected 13est Crypto/Bitcoin-related words for you. Whether you are in the community or a friend who just passed by, to know more about the Crypto/Bitcoin society, check it out the 13est Crypto/Bitcoin-related words.


ioeX and Elastos cooperate a voting platform
ioeX and Elastos have reached significant technical cooperation on a voting platform that uses ioeX’s solution. Elastos core technology team will travel to Taiwan to make further technical exchanges with the ioeX technical team.
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Technical Developments

  1. The beta version of the Android app now supports toggling of multiple devices/remote settings in X-Cloud. Users can download the app off Google Play and link smart devices already in the distributed network to the distributed network architecture and activate X-Cloud functions for true private storage instead of relying on storage space provided by decentralized platforms.
  2. The ioeX team has completed the beta version of the iOS app based on distributed network architecture. The chat tool in the beta app currently allows video and audio recording as the development team continues to optimize transfer functionality. (Note: The iOS version is currently under review, we will announce the release date in the near future)

・For more information please visit our official website for more details: and join us in the following Telegram to contact us : )

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・The domain name of our official accounts is “”. Any account sending emails without the following content “Emails sent by “” will never request receivers to remit money.” shall be considered as a fake account. Please contact ioeX administrator in Telegram if you have any question or concern.

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