ioeX Pre-Sale Details


The time has finally come! In 2 weeks, the ioeX Pre-Sale Event will begin! Users who have pre-registered on the whitelist will be able to make purchases in the ioeX pre-sale from 11/21~11/22 (11/21 GMT+8, 12:00 noon — 11/22 GMT+8 22:00).

Pre-Sale Details:

  1. Participants: Registered whitelisters
    We want to thank the nearly 100k people who have registered on the whitelist for their support of ioeX. The ioeX pre-sale event is only open to registered users and we thank everyone for their passionate support. (Starting 11/15, whitelist status can be verified in the member’s center of the official website.)
  2. The ratio of IOEX to BTC, ETH, and ELA will be announced on the ioeX official website on 11/18
    ioeX will announce the ratio of IOEX to BTC, ETH, and ELA on the ioeX official website on 11/18 GMT+8, 12:00 noon.
  3. Priority deposit starting on 11/18
    Those with an interest in the ioeX pre-sale can set priority deposits starting on 11/18 GMT+8, 12:00 noon and submit purchase orders on 11/21 once the sale begins.
    *Note: Deposits will end 2 hours before the sale on 11/21 (GMT+8, 10:00 am). Deposits will resume after the sale begins.
  4. The ioeX Pre-Sale accepts BTC, ETH, and ELA.
    You may purchase IOEX currency with BTC, ETH, or ELA.
  5. ioeX Pre-sale and crowdfunding limit set at 1,000,000 IOEX
    The ioeX pre-sale and crowdfunding is limited to a total of 1,000,000 IOEX Coins.
  6. Each user is limited to purchase of 1,000 IOEX
    The ioeX pre-sale limit for each individual is 1,000 IOEX Coins.
  7. Purchases in the ioeX pre-sale receive 2% IOEX returns
    Purchases of IOEX during the pre-sale will receive an additional 2% IOEX return (e.x. purchase of 1,000 IOEX in the pre-sale period will receive a return of 20 additional IOEX for a total of 1,020 IOEX.)
  8. The review of purchase orders will proceed in the submission order of 100% completed orders
    The ioeX team will prioritize review of orders that are 100% completed. (Review progress can be tracked in the member’s center)
  9. At the conclusion of the pre-sale, systems will automatically submit orders for review
    Once the pre-sale concludes on 11/22, the system will automatically transfer unsubmitted orders for review.
  10. Once your order has passed review, you will receive e-mail notification
    All purchase orders will be reviewed after the pre-sale and after passing review, ioeX will send a notice via e-mail, please wait patiently. (The review will take approximately 7–14 business days)
  11. ioeX reserves the right for the final decision in reviews; ioeX reserves the right to cancel orders that do not pass review. Refunds will be returned to the original address after deducting processing fees.

Soon, we’ll announce a “Guide to Purchasing IOEX”. Please follow the ioeX official website and social media for further information.

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