ioeX Ecosystem and Economic Cycle Model


Supply-Demand Relationship in the Ecosystem and Economic Cycle Model

There are many perspectives that can be used to understand a project. Problem awareness can be determined by application scenarios, team members can be used to infer potential for problem solving, investment institutions can be used to determine if the project is backed by a credible team, and token distribution can be used to understand the project’s development plans. Additionally, one key element is the “ecosystem and economic cycle model” that allows us to understand the relationship of supply-demand and source of value behind the project.
An ecosystem and economic cycle model must present the direction of cash flow while also showing the interactive relationships of supply-demand and the roles of products, services, and the ecosystem.

Demand Generators of the Ecosystem: IOEX Consumption End

Demand generators within the ioeX ecosystem and economic cycle refer to users of ioeX’s services who require the consumption of IOEX to obtain platform services. Methods of consumption include spending IOEX or legal tender saved in the main chain wallet by converting into IOEX. Primary members of the consumption end include:

  1. ioeX Network Users: User application functions developed using distributed network technology, each function requires 1–3 IOEX to access.

2. Smart Device Providers/Enterprises: Network solutions provide enterprises with OTA firmware updates, content storage and access licensing mechanisms, enterprise file backups.

3. ioeX Network Solution Adopters: Private individuals or enterprises that adopt distributed network solutions for extended development.
Details on Medium: ioeX, QUUBE, and Elastos Jointly Develop TV with Blockchain Applications (QuuMoney TV) Slated for August Release

Suppliers of the Ecosystem: IOEX Acquisition End

Suppliers of the ioeX ecosystem and economic cycle refer to workers that facilitate the successful operation of networks. IOEX is rewarded to the main chain wallet of workers after determining their contribution level using smart contracts. Suppliers can choose to keep their IOEX or list their IOEX earnings onto the exchange and sell for legal tender; IOEX sold on exchanges may possibly be purchased on the consumption end in the future to form a complete economic cycle. Primary members of the acquisition end include:

  1. ioeX Smart Device Users: Users that share their smart devices as nodes, contribute network bandwidth, and storage space to earn rewards.
    Details on Medium: Introduce ioeX decentralized network
  2. ioeX Node Partners: Act as network infrastructure, bootstrap nodes, arbitrators of DPoS chain, and link peer nodes with bootstrap nodes.
    Details on Medium: ioeX Node Partnership Recruitment Project

The ioeX ecosystem and economic cycle model clearly shows a healthy and comprehensive system with existing demand and stable growth; users and businesses will gradually show increased reliance on the ecosystem and the project’s value will be naturally presented.

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