ioeX Ecosystem Partner — Newvastek Co., Ltd


Newvastek Co., Ltd is a startup focused on developing wireless charging technologies and has been working extensively with Qualcomm since the company was founded.

Qualcomm has licensed their wireless charging technology in power transmission and reception units to Newvastek for the development, customization, and production of wireless charging modules and end products to provide services such as ODM, standard components, and basic configurations.

The company’s AirFuel technology leads the industry, allowing one charging unit to simultaneously perform wireless charging on multiple devices. In the current generation, most people use other smart devices in addition to their phones which is why the success of wireless charging technologies is the attention of much focus. The advantage of AirFuel technology is the ability to provide charging services by installing panels without destroying existing décor. That is why Newvastek products can be found in prominent locations such as international hotels, high-speed rail, MRT, and Taoyuan City Government.

Newvastek has also implemented innovative cloud-based business services in their equipment. Consumers can use apps to search for nearby shops with wireless charging and receive deals and discounts in the area to stimulate spending while waiting for the charge to complete; the back-end platform can be used to analyze data of consumer behavior and provide corresponding information to increase customer interaction.

Furthermore, Newvastek’s wireless charging ecosystem can be connected to the Internet of Things to become a key component of smart cities! In the future, Newvastek will use Banana Pi boards loaded with the ioeX app or SDK to act as a peer node in the ioeX distributed network, further expanding the ecosystem while also providing faster transfer speeds.

Newvastek and ioeX will both be attending the Blockchain Technology Summit in Macau on 12/12 and 12/13 where we will demonstrate the limitless possibilities of wireless charging equipment and IoT!

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