ioeX、Elastos、Cyber Republic Joint Meetup


2018’s hottest names in blockchain — ioeX, Elastos, and Cyber Republic will jointly host a meetup at AppWorks Open Space in Taipei!

ioeX CEO Aryan Hung, Elastos Foundation co-founder Feng Han, and Elastos global community organizer Kevin Zhang will be attending the meetup to share applications integrating blockchain and IoT, future application scenarios of blockchain, and announce the ioeX smart terminal function in distributed networks.

We welcome anyone with an interest in ioeX, Elastos, or blockchain to attend the event on the night of 12/16 where we will introduce blockchains and their applications.

Event registration is free but limited capacity means we will be closing registration once full! What are you waiting for? Follow the link to sign up for the event!

Event Schedule

Event Details

Date: 2018/12/16
Time: 18:30–21:30
Location: AppWorks Open Space (6F, №78, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City)
Organizer: ioeX
Co-Organizer: Elastos


Aryan Hung 
The CEO and co-founder of ioeX and previously a director at Accupass (former entity of Elastos). He spent 11 years as a project manager and department head at Foxconn’s mobile ODM and Site Manager, a software subsidiary company located in Chengdu.

ioeX is a blockchain driven Internet of Everything. The rapid development of IoT has led to the massive increase of connected devices with additional burdens in network load and traffic costs from document storage and data transfer. The decentralized distributed network solution of ioeX not only protects the security and privacy of document transfers but saves 70% in update costs for smart device manufacturers while letting users with products in the distributed network earn rewards and form an ecosystem based on positive cycles. The broad ranging distributed network consolidates the computing, storage, and networking functions of smart devices to form a super cloud computing platform and IoT operation system that can be applied broadly in this era of smart devices to build an Internet of Everything ecosystem.

Feng Han
The founder of Blockchain Pillar and Foundation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a mentor at National Tsing Hua University’s iCenter, Secretary-general of the Asia Blockchain DACA Association, director at the Elastos Foundation, and chief editor of “The New Economic Roadmap and Introduction to the Blockchain”, “Blockchain Development and Examples”, as well as author of “Blockchain — Quantum Wealth Outlook”. He has participated in development and as instructor for the graduate curriculum “Cyber Intelligence Economics and Blockchain” at National Tsing Hua University.

Elastos is the future of secure and reliable networks. Utilizing blockchain technology, Elastos provides a secure network environment that separates decentralized applications from networks to provide near infinite scalability to billions of internet users. The blockchain structure of Elastos is mainly divided into the main chain and sidechain designed with a structure that can prevent excessive load and congestion in the main chain, effectively increasing the viability of Elastos as the foundation of future network applications.

Kevin Zhang
Global Community Organizer at Elastos, member of the preparatory committee at Cyber Republic, class of ’94 graduate from National Tsing Hua University, CTO and chief systems architect at iHealth Labs, and founder CEO of EachCloud Inc.

Cyber Republic is a community formed by Elastos that aims to push and continually evolve projects. Since the release of the website’s alpha version in August, the company has continued to set strategies for the purpose of building a successful website and ecosystem, especially by allowing more community members to shoulder the responsibilities of construction. Gathering equally talented individuals and breaking free from the limitations of geographical location allows talent from all corners of the world to utilize their expertise and provide value to explore the massive collaborative potential of the Elastos community.

We look forward to all attendees at the joint meetup in Taipei on 12/16 where we can explore the applications and development of blockchain technology!

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