【ioeX FAQ】10 Most Common Questions


In the cryptocurrency industry, ioeX is a project with solid base-layer technology. Not only is it Taiwan’s first public chain, the duo-chain system allows for application scenarios primarily in smart devices. The weight of all of the technology applications often leaves the general public curious and full of questions towards ioeX.
The ioeX team has collected questions from the community and made a list of the 10 most common questions. You’ll find answers to all of your questions here, let us continue reading…

Q1: What is the ioeX Internet of Everything?

The name “ioeX” is derived from IOE or the Internet of Everything and X represents the next generation. As our cities and technology continue to progress, various types of IoT devices will inevitably become a part of our lives in the future. In the past, IoT devices relied on centralized and expensive OTA or relay servers to maintain security and expandability. The decentralized network constructed by ioeX is a generational breakthrough from the status quo. 
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Q2: What is the token economy of ioeX?

Looking at the ioeX ecosystem and economic cycle model, it’s clear there exists an entire system that’s healthy. There is actual demand with stable growth in the ecosystem, users and industry will have increased reliance on the project and this value naturally presents itself.

In this official ioeX article on Medium, the ioeX token economic model is clearly depicted with simple language and images. Please visit “Introduction of the ioeX Economic Cycle Model” at this URL: http://bit.ly/2T5pYSo

Q3: What can you do with IOEX?

First of all, the ioeX app is free. Partners who hold IOEX will be able to use ioeX application functions on the platform in the future. These functions include private personal cloud storage, private chat, remote home access, and more (the ioeX app will detect whether the user holds any IOEX in their wallet).

In the future, ioeX will continue to release product and application landings with various partners on ioeX-VIP; users will be able to purchase these products using IOEX. Smart devices with ioeX distributed network functionality can share their bandwidth and storage space to earn IOEX rewards.

In the ioeX ecosystem, users can provide the bandwidth and storage space resources on their smart devices and earn IOEX rewards according to their amount of work; enterprise customers can request distributed network applications and pay for these services using IOEX. ioeX is currently building the framework for a basic IOEX ecosystem and using this cycle, the value of IOEX will increase.

Q4: What are the functions of ioeX?

ioeX distributed network applications include private cloud storage (X-Cloud), remote home access (X-Surfing), private chat (X-Talk), content searching (X-Searching), and more. As long as users hold sufficient IOEX balances in their IOEX wallets, they are eligible to use distributed network applications. See the following diagram for details on various functions:

ioeX provides distributed network applications for users and device manufacturers. General users can install ioeX applications to their existing smart devices and convert them into an end terminal for their private cloud. The end terminal will continue to produce value for these old smart devices with functions such as: convenient transfer of communications and files.

For enterprise users, installing the ioeX SDK in smart devices or if the company lacks manpower, requesting ioeX to assist enterprise clients to build a customized app for the company devices. Functions include: private cloud storage, increasing storage space for the company, and assisting device manufacturers to perform OTA software updates using the distributed network to greatly reduce the costs of updating.

Q5: How can the average user participate?

Currently, ioeX has released a series of betas open to our partners around the world for testing. After thorough testing, ioeX applications will launch on all major app stores for public download. Please refer to the following download links:

IOEX web wallet (iPhones should select the mnemonic version/Android smartphones can freely select the mnemonic or gold key versions): http://bit.ly/2LpBv0d
 * Android APP(Google Play):https://bit.ly/2sXdHVt
 * Android APP(Direct APK download available for China):https://bit.ly/2PVZrac
 * IOS APP(Testfight):https://apple.co/300CLKh

ioeX doesn’t host high profile events to introduce our products, unlike other projects. We strive for product landings and developing products that are great to use. The ioeX app is currently available for download, simply go to our Github to download and experience [https://github.com/ioexnetwork]. If you encounter any problems, please contact the ioeX team and let us know.

Q6: What’s the difference between ioeX and Google’s cloud drive?

Cloud drives are like central service providers in manufacturing, even though cloud drives are personal accounts located in the public cloud, user data is still stored on 3rd party storage. Even if the 3rd party doesn’t read user content, the system is still able to identify some information and decipher consumer behavior. The analyzed results can be sold to companies such as e-commerce sites, sales networks, or even be used to precisely analyze a user’s location and delivery related advertisements.

ioeX differs from cloud drives in the fact that using the distributed network technology of ioeX, users can store data on their personal smart devices and be free from 3rd party monitoring. Additionally, users are free to exercise all of their rights on personal information which greatly increases data security.

Q7: Is the ioeX node partnership program still recruiting?

The [ioeX mini and big node partnerships] are completely sold out.We’d like to thank all our node partners for their support.The ioeX team will work harder for the landing of even more applications, stay tuned.

Q8: What’s the partnership relationship between ioeX and Elastos?

Distributed Network: The functions of the ioeX distributed network evolved from Elastos Carrier and the two were nearly identical during the initial phase of ioeX. As we extended development of the core technology and built new applications, this gradually expanded the scenarios where ioeX could be applied to provide solutions for enterprise clients and general users.

Blockchain: ioeX referenced Elastos’ main/side-chain model by changing the functions of the Elastos POW main chain and building our own DPOS side chain. However, the source of blockchain computing differs between ioeX and Elastos. ioeX is powered by bootstrap nodes within the distributed network and there is a high overlap between the distributed network and blockchain; Elastos utilizes a main chain that jointly mines with Bitmain and uses a side chain to provide computational power to the Elastos ecosystem. 
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Q9: ioeX and partners released the world’s first blockchain TV? What kind of a partnership, what types of applications are there, and when can we buy one?

ioeX worked with JVC strategic partner QUUBE to release QuuMoney TV. It is the world’s first smart TV integrated with distributed network functions and blockchain. It’s slated for release in August of 2019 in North American markets.

ioeX will support QUUBE with QuuMoney TV by developing a series of decentralized applications including: QuuShare, an app that converts QuuMoney TV into a private cloud to allow remote backups and data access; QuuChat, an app that allows users to chat with their friends privately without any intermediaries by using decentralization; QuuMoney TV will build a platform where users can share and watch UGC (user generated content) such as videos. 
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Q10: What is the schedule focus of ioeX in 2019?

The most anticipated news includes: 
 1. Listing on MXC Exchange at the end of May (please follow our official announcements for more details). 
 2. Release of OTA updates and X-Searching functions at the end of May. 
 3. Launch of Liberty Korea Party’s blockchain voting system in June (please follow our official announcements for more details). 
 4. In the latter half of 2019, ioeX and Everex estimate sales of an additional 500,000 smart speakers and other products.
5. The strategic partnership between ioeX and Banana-Pi with plans to setup 6 million peer nodes across the world in Jun.
6. Xunison’s smart router X-Brain preloaded with ioeX functionality will go on sale in June.

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