Thanks to Massive Support, the ioeX Pre-Sale Event Sold Out in 26 Hours


We want to thank the passionate support we’ve received for ioeX from all around the world as we celebrate the successful conclusion of the ioeX pre-sale event on 2018/11/22 GMT+8 14:30. In a period of 26 hours and 38 minutes, the supply of 1,000,000 IOEX sold out to supporters from Russia, Amsterdam, Italy, Canada, France, Spain, and other countries. We want to thank everyone for their massive support.

In the future, ioeX will continue expanding our distributed network and construct the duo-chain system (public and consortium chains) and diversify our application scenarios.

ioeX founder Aryan thanks everyone for their massive support:
“Thank you for the support you’ve shown us, ioeX will continue to expand and increase value for participants by building a business model based on smart distributed networks and an application ecosystem.” — — ioeX CEO Aryan.

Soon, the team at ioeX will setup the 【ioeX Business Platform】 for the purpose of providing IOEX currency supporters diverse applications. The website will allow users to activate distributed network functionality, check IOEX currency (Web-Wallet), and purchase equipment and products with ioeX functionality along with partnership products with IOEX. The ioeX Business Website is scheduled for launch at the end of November.

Please follow the ioeX official website and communities for the latest information.

・For more information please visit our official website for more details: and join us in the following Telegram to contact us : )

・Recently there are unscrupulous person impersonating ioeX staff by sending email to others with a fake email address, requesting receivers to remit money. We hereby declare that ioeX staff will never send a direct message to request remittance. Please contact ioeX administrator in Telegram (CN, EN) if you have any question or concern.

・The domain name of our official accounts is “”. Any account sending emails without the following content “Emails sent by “” will never request receivers to remit money.” shall be considered as a fake account. Please contact ioeX administrator in Telegram if you have any question or concern.

・ Thank you for taking the time to read our weekly report, your support is highly appreciated. Please follow us in the following media communities of ioeX for the latest information: