[Tutorial] Create IOEX test chain wallet + apply test coins (rewarded with IOEX)


Here’s the much anticipated IOEX test chain wallet! You may gain IOEX rewards as long as you complete the tasks during the testing period (1/16–1/25).
Whoever wish to experience beforehand or to aid testing may perform the following procedure to create a wallet.
Come and be our top testers and experience the functions of IOEX test chain wallet!

▲ Testing Schedule▲
1/11 IOEX test coins application
1/11–1/15 IOEX test coins issuance
1/16–1/25 IOEX wallet testing period

▲ Three Steps to Gaining IOEX Rewards▲
1. Create an IOEX test chain wallet(please refer to the tutorial below)
2. Apply IOEX test coins at ioeX business website(please refer to the tutorial below)
3. Have a chance to gain rewards by completing the tasks within testing period (1/16–1/25) (please refer to the task below)

※ The top testers who complete the testing tasks and generate the largest number of testing results will gain IOEX rewards (maximum 1,000 IOEX per person, total rewards: 10,000 IOEX limited to 100 testers.)

▲ Important Notice
※ Transactions of test wallets will be recorded in test chain and the record will not be exported to official chain or any exchange after the event.

※ IOEX rewards gained in this testing event will be remitted to your business platform member account. You may go to “Member Center” → “Accounting Center” to check current amount of IOEX in your account and that can be traded in exchanges later.

※ ioeX team members may join the test, but can not complete the tasks or receive rewards.

First of all, let us explain the functions of wallet and how to create an IOEX wallet:

There are three content languages available for IOEX wallet (traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English), you may create multiple wallet addresses, receiving/paying money, and check the transaction record in each wallet address.

Create Test Chain Wallet

  1. First, enter IOEX test chain wallet:http://bit.ly/2GYflzK

2. Click “Create Wallet”
※You may choose different languages by clicking the symbol in the upper-right corner.

3. Click “Next Step” and then click “Create Wallet.”

4. Enter your email address, you may check “I’d like to receive news and updates about ioeX” and click “Send.”

5. Review and check, check “I’ve read, understood, and agree to the Terms of Use” and click “Confirm and Finish” to complete creating IOEX test chain wallet.

Create IOEX Wallet Address

  • You can see IOEX balance of each wallet address in “Wallet.”
  • Click “Personal Wallet” and then click “View Wallet Addresses.”
  • Click the symbol “+” to generate a wallet address after entering “Wallet Address.”
  • Create the Transaction Password (password must be at least 8 characteristics long)
    ※ The transaction password is not changeable. Please keep it safe.
    ※ Transaction password will be needed when sending funds.


Copy and paste wallet address to sender by clicking “Wallet Address.”


  1. Enter sender’s information.

Select a receiving address, and enter an IOEX wallet address that is paying, enter the payment amount and click “Send.”
※ In each transaction, it costs 0.001% of the transaction amount in IOEX as the transaction fee.
※ Go to “My Profile”, “Address Book”, and then “Add as a Frequently-used IOEX Wallet Address” for quick search for the next transaction.

2. Confirm Sending Information

Check to send the information again and click “Send.”

3. Enter payment password

4. Transaction complete
 ※ The transaction is not yet complete until blockchain generates blocks.

Export GOLDEN Key

(It’s crucial to keep the private safely)

  • Enter “My Profile,” click”Personal Wallet”, then click “Export GOLDEN Keys”
  • After setting secure password, click “Download,” the private key will be downloaded automatically with a file name “wallet.json.”

※ Please keep the private key secure. Your wallet might be recovered with the private key if the APP is removed or after logging out. The wallet will not be recovered without the private key.

IOEX Test Coins Application

  1. Enter ioeX business website, event page:

2. Click “Registered” and register as a member of ioeX business website (those who have registered may log in directly.)

3. Enter event page, scroll down and fill in applicant’s name, phone number, email address, ioeX member ID number (can be found in member center), and IOEX wallet address.

4. After filling in and confirming all the information, click “Confirm and Send.”

5. Test coins will be issued to your IOEX test chain wallet when ioeX team finish reviewing your application.

Task of IOEX Test Chain Wallet

▲ Log in test chain wallet each day and finish the tasks ▲

1. Perform sending or receiving funds at least 3 times per day during 1/16–1/25 and capture screenshots.

2. Use any function in “Setting” each day.

3. Send back the screenshots in task 1 and task 2, note those problems discovered and send them to info@ioex.co with the title “IOEX test chain wallet: ______ (member ID number)”, your member ID number can be found in member center.

▲ IOEX Issuance Regulation ▲

Those top testers who complete the tasks and achieve the largest number of transactions will be given rewards according to their test results in the following order:

Top 1–4: 1,000 IOEX/per person (limited to 4 testers.)

Top 5–10: 250 IOEX/per person (limited to 6 testers.)

Top 11–100: 50 IOEX/per person (limited to 90 testers.)

※ Maximum reward: 1,000 IOEX per person, total rewards: 10,000 IOEX (limited to 100 testers.)


★ Create IOEX test chain wallet: http://bit.ly/2GYflzK

★ Apply IOEX test coins: https://www.ioex.vip/activity/detail/7

Test chain wallet — forum: https://www.ioex.vip/forum

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・The domain name of our official accounts is “____@ioex.co”. Any account sending emails without the following content “Emails sent by “____@ioex.co” will never request receivers to remit money.” shall be considered as a fake account. Please contact ioeX administrator in Telegram if you have any question or concern.

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