Why IOEX is Worth Buying: A View from an Insider


Cryptos in 2018

Some said that if 2017 was the year of Bitcoin, then 2018 is the year of blockchain. It’s true that there are numerous blockchain ICO projects, but, ever since the bull market in 2017, how many projects still exist? And how many of them have gone out of the market?

The 2018 bear market has made the investors know that what matters is not the grand vision of the project but the actual applicationand a good market value management. When it comes to application, what makes IOEX worth buying for investors, in addition to the nature of the crypto, what also important are core team members andthe development of technology.

Highly Reliable Team Members is Key

The key leading figure of ioeX is Aryan Hung, the founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has worked 11 years for Foxconn Group as mobile phone ODM Project Manager. He was also a senior manager at Kortide (now known as Elastos) with a highly professional background. Hung once said that ioeX is an IoT network applying cloud storage and transfer technologies on the blockchain platform.

Besides the experienced CEO, the teammates are also highly skilled and talented. They have been partners with the CEO since working in Foxconn.

Application of Technology is the Core of Blockchain

The application of projects is what we committed to our investors.Take ioeX as an example. ioeX build a decentralized peer-to-peer network that can save smart device providers a huge yearly cost on “transmission on the Internet” and “online updates of software/firmware”. According to statistics, we can help cut costs by up to 70% for smart device providers every year. ioeX redistributes the regional nodes and transforms them into entrances for end devices (nodes) to connect to the Internet. Each device node can search and decide which entrance they want to access the system. Those centralized nodes become massive scale of bootstrap nodes after decentralization;

ioeX network is formed by general users of smart devices, software developers, smart device providers, solution integrators, chip manufactures and more. To general users, once their devices are connected to the network and in use, they get IOEX through automatic mining. To the whole ecosystem, the enriched ecosystem leads to the sales of smart devices and thus brings more new owners of IOEX, contributing a virtuous cycle of the blockchain.

A steady technology that fulfills the application of projects is the real value of blockchain projects and ioeX has done things right.

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