Iomob opens 2019 as a rising star of Smart Cities Solutions

Smart Cities is the Issue in Focus in the latest APAC Business Headlines, with Iomob named as a Top 10 Smart City Solution Provider to watch in 2019.

The ABH issue puts its focus on “some of the fast growing, efficient, well-performing companies who have adopted smart technologies to provide a comfortable life for the citizens. By providing these technology orientated solutions and impeccable services, these smart companies are able to unlock critical business challenges with new possibilities.”

As part of the special feature, Iomob CEO Boyd Cohen was interviewed by ABH.

Iomob has made lots of great moves in the last year since our official launch in the field of smart mobility. We’re fortunate to be led by a team of smart cities and blockchain technology visionaries, who saw the growing rift between the needs of commuters for a cohesive yet adaptable network of mobility that transcends out-dated definitions of public or private transport, and sought to provide the solutions before that incongruity grew.

We are seeing in the news headlines exactly why the need for Iomob is growing to critical levels around the world. In Australia, Taxi companies have launched a $500m class action against ride-haling company Uber. And in Barcelona, Spain — Iomob’s home — tensions between taxi driver unions and ride hailing companies have become far more violent, with protestors attacking drivers and passengers, as well as instituting a permanent strike to drive Uber and Cabify from the city.

Taxis have for a long time been a highly regulated industry with steep thresholds of entry. Yet, with our growing metropolises and urban sprawl, the need for personalized transport systems has grown beyond a few simple track and bus lines envisioned as sufficient when the cities were planned last century, with Taxi services stepping in over time to facilitate first and last mile transport. Consequently a whole host of mobility as a service ecosystems (in Barcelona there are more than 50) have led to a growing conflict between the needs of old world transit industries, commuters wanting simplicity, and new big data mammoths chasing network effects.

Read the take our CTO Josep Sanjuas has on providing solutions to the real time crisis in Barcelona:

Whilst we can’t turn back the clock, we at can provide a more collaborative, peaceful, and cohesive framework for the future of transport, the future of cars, and smart city planning going forward. The ABH article states that Iomob’s basic infrastructure “offers a level playing field where nobody can gain an upper hand and an unfavourable party can be replaced by a more efficient one.” Using Iomob’s protocol, the public transit system, mobility provers such as ride-hailing and bike-sharing-scooter services as well as taxi companies can compete as well as collaborate efficiently and effectively.

Blockchain is the backbone of all these beneficial aspects of Iomob technology, “erasing the need for intermediaries, legal agreements, and proprietary applications.” Our innovative solution to the crises and conflicts between public, publicly regulated, shared and private means of transport, combines open source and blockchain technology to create a global decentralized form of MaaS enabling any mobility service provider to be availed by users in in an open, multi-modal, decentralized and democratic platform.

We are in discussions with civic regulators around the world about how Iomob can be of service to their communities, including Pittsburgh with Ford’s City of Tomorrow in the US, Singapore, and participating in the Spanish Renfe-Wayra accelerator Trenlab, as well as Transport Systems Catapult with Wayra UK. We see it as just a matter of time before the Iomob blockchain solution is adopted as the way forward both by city planners and mobility service providers large and small, enabling all legally entitled players to co-exist in a mutually beneficial ecosystem that serves business, the public, and the environment in a triple bottom line.

Akasha Indream is Engagement Director for Iomob and can be reached at
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Iomob is working to decentralize and build the Internet of Mobility, by incentivizing and facilitating the use of alternative transport. By using the blockchain, iomob plans to minimize fees and allow mobility providers and end-users alike to connect on a peer-to-peer basis. In their own words: Iomob is “a system which produces a useful output at the lowest possible marginal cost.”
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