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[Crypto] The Case of Hacking on the Exchange in Korea

23.09.17 coinis Exchange

I am John :)

Hacking incidents following the YapiZon hacking case in Korea
This is the hacking of the Coinis Exchange on 23 September 2017.

2. September 23, 2017 Coinz Exchange Hacking

The case of hacking into cryptocurrency worth 2.1 billion won.
Among them, the damage amount of members is about 1.7 billion won.
Hacken the cryptocurrency stored in the Hot Wallet

After hacking, the Wavestring operating Coinis provides compensation.

- 100% refund of Cryptocurrency and deposits purchased after hacking
- Only 50% of Cryptocurrency and deposits purchased before hacking are refunded and 50% coupons (pay later)

A lot of news,

It's not exactly known who did it. With the help of the research institute, we will announce the exact hacking route and method as soon as possible.

I haven’t seen that story yet.(possibility of North Korea.)

It was a hacking case on the exchange that broke up again after YapiZon, but it seems to have not gotten much attention because the crypto market is so growing. And it wasn’t a very well-known large exchange, and the amount itself was not as big as the crypto market, so nobody seemed to care about the risks to the central exchange.

I personally thought hackers just started.
They’re going to be hackers who know the vulnerability of the exchange so well that it’s not impossible, it’s been revealed by a number of hacking incidents.

This centralized exchange hacking case continued beyond 2017 and into 2018. The next installment was a hacking incident that occurred when Bitcoin was in the middle of 20 million won in 2017.

It continues.

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