Ionic’s 2016 - By the Numbers

2016 was a big year for Ionic, the web developers in our community building mobile apps, and the companies that have embraced Ionic as their mobile app dev platform of choice. Here are some of the numbers we saw and milestones we achieved:

  • Ionic developers have created nearly 4 million apps since we launched in 2014!
  • Over 370,000 unique developers visit every month
  • We average nearly 10M monthly page views across major Ionic web properties
  • Developers sent over 100M push notifications using Ionic Cloud Services and we hope to see that expand as we push harder on our cloud offerings in 2017.
  • Over 667,000 developers have signed up for an Ionic ID to use Ionic View, Cloud Services, Market, and more.
  • 3.2M unique developers visited this year.
  • Developers have uploaded 174 plugins, 258 starters, and 226 high quality themes to the Ionic Market.
  • Ionic Creator users have created over 455,000 apps just by dragging and dropping
  • Ionic community members are building real businesses on Ionic, including Josh Morony who made over $120k in 2016 with his Ionic 2 book Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2.
  • Ionic 2 installs starting taking off as we move out of beta, passing over 100,000 installs in December and growing fast. 2.0 final coming very very soon!
  • Big brands and startups alike continue to pick Ionic for major apps, including Dow Jones MarketWatch, Diesel, NMAAHC, ChefSteps, and a whole lot more.
  • Microsoft and Amazon Web Services embraced the Ionic community, with Microsoft expanding support for Ionic in Visual Studio/Code, and AWS publishing official documentation on using Ionic + AWS.
  • We opened a Boston office and welcomed Swami Kumaresan to the team as COO. Swami was on the founding team at Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB) and built the $100M top line that fueled its IPO. We want him to help us make $100M a rounding error here :-)
  • Earlier this year we raised a $9M Series A led by General Catalyst and grew the Ionic team to 23 full time employees

We’re excited for 2017 which is set to be our biggest yet. Stay tuned for major new releases around Ionic Framework, Ionic developer tooling, and Ionic Cloud Services.

And above all, thank you to the amazing Ionic community that makes this all possible. You’ve given us the gift of one of the best jobs in the world. Keep sharing your great work with us on Twitter and stay in touch!

Max, and the rest of the Ionic Team