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Accused of being iPhone addicted

The importance of the mobile device in my life- how I explained it to my Mother 

Speak and Type; Giving hints to get info to the system faster

My devices can understand me more every day (and not just in a “Her” way!) I want them to listen to me…

The future of the web is mobile and the future of mobile is… the web

our take on the evolution of mobile applications

Is Disney Doing Enough to Fix Their Mobile Problem? 

Disney Interactive laid off 700 employees (so far). Are they doing the right things to finally win in mobile?

Ciclo de desenvolvimento de um aplicativo — Introdução (1)

Porquê se tornar um aficionado dos aplicativos… 

Trends in mobile gaming 2014 (3/3)

The third and final in a three-part exercise in predictive geekery

Introduction to Mobile UX

Mobile is tactile and unique

Mobile has changed the way we interact with content. As UX practitioners, we need to rethink the design…

How We Discovered the Underground Chinese App Market

Or, how Robert Fortune’s tea heist shaped China’s iOS market

How to build a successful mobile app.

Or how we got to 50,000 downloads with no marketing.

Disclaimer: 50,000 downloads might sound like a measly number to…

What #mobile apps do I use…#ShowYourHomeScreen

I have had many requests for reviews and feedback on apps that I use and how I make my life more productive by…

Themer(beta) is back & open

Theme launcher for better android experience

Themer is a theme platform that android veterans are looking for. It was started as a…

Why Android apps get way more reviews than iOS apps

Must read for all app developers

App stores are the biggest distribution channels for the apps, unless you…

The Half-Life of Social Content

Why Facebook’s Paper is about more than unbundling

Yesterday, Facebook announced Paper, the first creation from Facebook Labs. Almost immediately, numerous pundits opined on Twitter that this announcement signals an acceleration of the unbundling of Facebook, as it makes a land grab for as many spots on your coveted home screen as…

Motorola sold by Google to Lenovo. 

What? Why?

So Google has officially sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. The ‘why’ is simple enough, but the ‘why Lenovo?’ is…

I Sold My Smartphone

I sold my smartphone, and now I do not even have a phone that has camera in it. I sold my Nexus 4 on 13 February 2014, knowing that I will live without a data connectable mobile phone for a foreseeable future. I used a low-end Xperia tipo and a decent Nexus 4, in total for 17 odd months. Everyone around me started to ask why did I sell, and what next? Answer is, I would…


A Bluetooth Scale

The Device

A small scale that connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

The App

The scale would be accompanied with an app that…

  • Displays the weight of the item placed on the scale
  • Let’s you adjust the unit of measurement

Small Data: Why Tinder-like apps are the way of the future

Card-swiping, anticipatory computing, and the problem with Netflix, iTunes, and Foursquare

Good vs. Bad Call to Action on Social Media

with Case Studies of National Brands

When you have a call to action on Facebook, or any other social media platform…

iOS and Android
iOS and Android

Stuff about mobile

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