9 Time-Saving iOS 7 Libraries

Don’t reinvent the wheel, leverage this hand-picked collection

Thanks to Apple, mobile development are so much easier by their great set of developer tools and SDK. The iOS development community is huge, developers are constantly contributing to opensource projects, which helps each other to develop applications faster and better.

Whether or not you’re a githubber, and you should be, here are the libraries that I found them less known, but particularly useful and interesting. These are discovered in various sources thoughout my daily participation in the community, and I’ll simply sort them in random order here:


Popover showing translucent background from the previous screen

iOS 7 encourages showing depth by translucent and blur, showing the current screen is above the previous screen. Custom segues make it easy to use in Storyboard, and it’s also possible to create and perform a segue in code.


Using Canvas for the animations directly specified in Storyboard

Canvas makes animation creation so much easier.

You don’t even need to write a single line of code.

There’re also useful components build interface using Storyboards much easier like the iOS 7 live blur, using custom fonts, and easy managing navigation bar color.


Animation taken from the Project page

Non full screen popover on iPhone has been a missing pieces.

Sure you’d be able to do it with Custom Container Views, which Storyboard makes things a bit more easy, but isn’t it better if there’s an iPad like API for that.


The price tag moves along when you hold and tilt your device, which can be found similar to mobile Safari

How’s like to create motion effects, and how can you make it even simpler?

Add this library and directly specify in Interface Builder, again, no code required.


Long input form scrolls to the center of the screen so content will not be covered up by the onscreen keyboard

Onscreen keyboards covers up part of the screen, and it’d be a problem for input fields. Fixing that was a manual procedure for the developers.

This handy library automatically scrolls the content to the center of the visible screen, no code required.

In my experience, it supports UIScrollView, UITableView nicely, and for UICollectionView, an infinite scrolling bug on is also spotted and addressed.


New version of Ripple supports @mentions and #hashtags ☺

Apple added NSAttributedString for UILabel, but doing clickable links are still not easy.

Mattt Thompson created this drop-in replacement for UILabel that supports attributes, data detectors, links.

You can also customize and add @mentions and #hashtags, and for some of you, may also wanted to support long press gesture to show activity dialogs as well.


Very playful experience in Ripple by using an opensource library to achieve a similar to Tweetbot 3

Tweetbot 3 creates a really playful lightbox for photo browsing. You probably want to learn iOS 7 UIKit Dynamics because of this. With this library, just a few lines of code would achieve a very similar effect.


A showcase of supported transitions at the project page

iOS 7 add supports for customizing transition both animated and interactively.

This collection uses best practices and standard APIs to implement the transitions, much appreciated.

Watch the WWDC video


Spotify, Carshare, Ripple

Parallax, Sticky Headers, Growing image heading, done right in one UICollectionViewLayout.

UICollectionView comes with really flexible API design, with this library, it really just depends how you setup the header cell, and you can optionally disable features that you don’t want.


This is certain not a full list, there’re many more useful libraries on github and cocoacontrols. So, what are your favourite libraries? Feel free to discuss with me on Twitter @jamztang.

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