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Mobile app development has become a huge and it just keeps growing. But it’s difficult to stay on top of everything in the mobile app world with so much to learn out there. But no matter your role on app development team, knowing just a few basics can make a huge difference in the success of a mobile app business.

Here a few articles and books that get you up to speed on the basics. Check out these reads to ensure you can create better apps and grow a bigger mobile app business.

ASO Book — I don’t care if you already have an app in the appstore or just learning how to code. This book is a must read for anyone that’s serious about getting their app seen and downloaded in today’s competitive app marketplace. In the simplest way Gabriel helps you navigate the tedious App Store Optimization (ASO) process to the point that it’s almost painless. Don’t launch an app in the appstore without Gabriel’s solid non-gimmicky ASO advice.

Should My App Be Paid or Free — One of the first questions mobile app developers ask is should their app be paid or free. There is no definitely wrong or right answer for every mobile app developer. But this article details the numbers, the facts, and the considerations you should take before pricing your mobile app. It particularly emphasizes the importance of the right pricing strategies for indie mobile app developers. A must read.

Designing Mobile Apps — After choosing the revenue structure of your mobile app, the next thing to do is to prototype and design your mobile app. But if you’ve never designed anything in your life or just wouldn’t consider yourself the creative type you have to read this book. Designing Mobile Apps is an easily to follow book that will walk you through quality mobile app design from prototype to app launch.

15 Ways to Keep Your Users Hooked — If there’s one thing a smart mobile app marketer knows, it’s that you have to do everything you can to keep your mobile app users engaged. This resource has a list of 27 ways you can keep your mobile app users engaged. It primarily focuses on the updates you can make in your app, since it’s one of the few “free” or at least cheap effective ways mobile app developers can really boost revenue, downloads, and of course user engagement.

App Design Handbook — Yes, I know. Another design book for mobile apps. But the truth is, after being found in the app store, the only thing that will get you the download is an awesome icon and beautiful screenshots. App Design Handbook is yet another easy to follow app design book for app developers that have no design experience. Just download, read it, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn.

App Savvy — Turning Ideas into Apps Customers Want — It’s one thing to make a mobile app for fun, but it’s another to make it marketable and app store ready. This book helps you make an AppStore ready iOS app. Everything from the initial market research for your mobile app and to and is covered in this book. Basically, it’s a one stop shop to mobile app success.

How to Pitch Bloggers — If you haven’t marketed an app before, once you start you realize quickly how important it is to reach out to bloggers that can share your hard work with their readers. Your mobile app success depends a lot on bloggers talking about your app with their followers and if you don’t know how to pitch them properly, you probably won’t have a good launch. This book shows you how to get it done the right way. Forget writing yet another pitch that will just end up in an app bloggers trash. Use this book to get the word out about your app the right way.

Mobile App Developers Guide to the Galaxy — Don’t let the adorable looks of this mobile app development book fool you. It’s chock full of great tips and tools to help anyone in the mobile app space become seriously successful. This book is even better because it pretty much has everyone covered. Whether you developer for iOS, Android, Java, Windows, or Blackberry, there is help for you in this book.

So those are the must reads for anyone involved with mobile app development. What do you think is a must read for mobile app developers? What would you add to the list that would help mobile app development teams succeed?

Share your favorite must-have mobile app development books and articles in the comments below.

There’s an even bigger list with over 200 resources for mobile app developers full of helpful mobile app development tools, books, forums, services, and more. Check it out now!

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    Thoughts on developing apps for the iOS platform.