Difference between a struct and a class in Swift.

Every swift developer who has at least 6 months experience will know about Struct, Enum, and Class. Everyone use them on a regular basis without knowing what they are and when and where to use them. I will try to make it simple.

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Value Types and Reference Types

Reference: TreeHouse, Apple doc.

It is important to know the difference between value and reference types when talking about Enums, Structs, and Classes. Whenever you create an enum or a struct , it is a value type and a Class is a reference type.

  • Value Type: Struct , Enum
  • Reference Type: Class

When you pass a class object around your program, you are actually passing a reference to that object, so different parts of your program can share and modify your object. When you pass a structure [ or enum] around your program, what gets passes around is a copy of the structure. So modifications to structures don’t get shared.

One of the major benefits of value types is that they are thread-safe not requiring any synchronization.

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