iOS Juicy Update #8

Summer holidays season is almost over, but even if you are laying on a beach or (still) wandering through a wild jungle with no internet, we can’t let you skip the most important juicy news!

This week we’ve prepared for you one great tutorial about Image Caching, loooong list of amazing open source iOS apps, and of course, I couldn’t resist smuggling a bit of Machine Learning knowledge for you. New “Machine Learning is Fun”, DeepMask from Facebook and my personal fav of this month — how Apple approached AI & ML

List of 21 amazing open source iOS apps written in swift.

If you want to build your own hacker news reader, SoundCloud client or you are just looking for a great source to learn all kind of approaches to video sharing, writing watch extensions, designing calendar UI and many many more — here you have one by Mybridge

An exclusive inside look at how artificial intelligence and machine learning work at Apple.

You will find out about Siri brain transplant and beginnings of DARPA program in intelligent assistants.
How Newton (and I don’t mean a lawsuit for beeing hit by falling apple) helped with handwriting recognition, and how to reconcile Machine Learning with user privacy — thanks to Steven Levy

(please enlight me if there is something more interesting this month than this piece)

5th episode of ‘Machine Learning is Fun

If you are learning Machine Learning that one (and a whole series) is a must-read for you

As always, Adam Geitgey did a great job — this part focuses on Machine Translation (if you have never heard that name, check Google Translate)

Facebook AI Research Team Open Source DeepMask and SharpMask.

If you ever wondered how to teach your app to distinguish between the many objects in a photograph as effortlessly as the human eye here you have an explanation

Quick tutorial on image caching

We’ve all been there, and we all tried different approaches and libraries to help us with combo ‘quick + asynchronous + cached images downloading’
If you usually end up using SDWebImage / Alamofire / Kingfisher, try this post — Daniel Garbien may convince you to go native!

Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday evening!

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