How I stood out among thousands of the world’s best developers

We wanted to create a better business card, with more value for developers at WWDC without spending much time or money

It’s Friday night (Apr 18), I receive an Incoming call from San Jose CA. At the other side of the line someone from Apple invites me to come to WWDC 2014. WOW, of course I am going! If I go how will I stand out from the others? It took us a month to think about what to do. In the end, we succeeded.

The days before the conference were exciting, I started to get a lot of invitations from all kind of companies for parties around the WWDC. Big and small companies wanted to show off and organize events for developers to see what they have to offer. At some point I found myself trying to understand how can I be at 5 parties at the same time. Two weeks before the conference on a Saturday morning (May 17) Maxim proposed: “Let’s write WWDC Parties app!” We started working on it right away. Maxim, Artiom and I started to brainstorm, plan and code. Fast forward 24 hours later, the app was waiting for review. We used our hackathon techniques to build the app as soon as possible using Sketch for design, Parse for storing dynamic data and focused on the features I wanted to use. After almost two weeks, a few days before the conference (27 May) the app was finally in the App Store!

The app had product market fit and we used Twitter to approach everyone that asked about WWDC parties and the party organizers.

One of the funniest things was to see people downloading and using the app from iOS8 just a few days before the conference. People wanted to know where to go, even a few Apple guys wanted to find some cool parties ☺.

iOS8 hits before the conference from Apple’s Campus

We got some good reviews too, and something funny in Chinese about supporting iOS 7.1 only (probably for Apple’s WWDC app and not ours).

UK App Store Review
China App Store Review

Because of the late approval we managed to print business cards only one day before my flight. It was stunning.

The Back of our WWDC Business Card

I understood how popular the app was only one day before the conference. People started to download the app and almost everyone I talked with knew about it. I was really proud to see people around me in line checking for parties and talking about it, we had around ~2500 downloads of the app in the WWDC week. Crazy to think that only 5000 took part in the conference. In the middle days of the conference we had around ~800 user sessions during the day sessions. At one point when I gave my card people started to hug me and thank me, I felt like a real celebrity.

iTunes Connect
Google Analytics

We open sourced the app and it’s available for forking ☺

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