iOS Developer Roadmap

Tree-like compilation of topics highly relevant to iOS development available as a living page on Github.

Who is it for?

  • anyone who wants to become an iOS developer
  • iOS developers who desire to become experts
  • iOS developers who are preparing for interviews and need to brush up knowledge
  • iOS developers who need to compile own set of interview questions

Why not a list of interview questions and answers?

It is hard to remain calm every time I encounter such a list since those questions usually have answers. Having a ready answer implies that this is the only right answer (which is subjective to the author) and encourages newcomers to memorise the answer instead of studying the topic and develop a complete understanding of iOS platform.

Remembering the answer makes you believe you know it, but in reality, you can’t apply it to your work and explain side effects or long-term consequences.

At the same time, such lists are better than nothing because it is much better to follow a rule or advice blindly then doesn’t know about its existence at all.

Why these topics?

To become a good iOS developer, you should improve your skills in two primary areas: problem-solving and commercial programming.

Problem-solving implies the application of academical knowledge (Computer Science) to solving logical problems which are time and resource constrained. This knowledge is the foundation of any practical solution in a language or framework used for commercial programming. Moreover, it is required for critical thinking about “business” problems and means of solving it.
Almost all employers prioritize problem-solving skills first.

Commercial programming implies the application of practical (experience-based) knowledge which is much broader but usually easier to understand and apply than Computer Science. This area typically consists of skills which are useful or applicable to a specific platform (iOS in our case). Practical skills are often perceived more “fun” because they make things “work”.

None of the employers will hire you if you can’t deliver to the business.

Last but probably the most important thing: you have to be a decent human being so that people want to work with you and not against you ;)

Who is going to keep it updated and relevant?

We, iOS community, will keep it updated. Adding another topic or material to study is very easy and only requires basic knowledge of Git.

Who is going to decide if a topic is ‘essential’?

Anyone can raise an issue on the Github repo initiating a discussion to decide on this status for any topic. Main contributors will make the decision based on provided arguments or (more likely) on personal, unsolicited opinions ;)

Why bother?

It is much more fun to be surrounded by people who reached your level of knowledge so that you can work on problems which all of you hate/love ;)

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