My first 3 months on the iMessage App Store

After WWDC 2016, I wanted to launch an iMessage app and I had the idea to automatically create GIFs from already existing photos, basically one tap to share a GIF from inside iMessage (Momento).

I was aiming to launch on the same day as iOS 10 and now you can definitely tell that I was right:

4 Months Later
3 Months Later

There is always the debate if it is better to launch an app with new iOS feature alongside the iOS release or wait for later, I think that my numbers prove that you must launch it alongside the release because it is your chance to get all the early adopters to try it and press to write about it.

I’m sharing my numbers to hopefully help others decide later this year when iOS 11 arrives when and if to launch a new app.

A few interesting dates to look at:

12 September: Launch of Momento V1 (& iOS 10), paid app for $1.99

27 September: TechCrunch

28 September: #16 Top Grossing iMessage app in the US

25 October: Launch of the freemium version V2 with 6 IAP filters ($0.99 each)

15 December: I launched Momento V3 as a new iOS app with iMessage extension (because of the way the App Store works) and killed the iMessage only app.

12 September — 11 December
12 September — 11 December

V1 Total:

Paid Downloads: 2,710

Paid Revenue: $3,635 ($3,120 in the first 3 weeks)

V2 Total:

Free Downloads: 74,447

IAP Revenue: $251

As you can see the iMessage App Store was very promising at the beginning but nowadays it is somehow abandoned. This led me to release the app as an iOS app with an iMessage extension, and it is much more successful than just the iMessage app.

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