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From creation to re-creation, here comes the anthesis

Hosted by IOSG Ventures, in partnership with imToken, DeBank and Aave, we proudly present you the 7th “Old Friends Reunion” — IOSG 2020 DeFi Summit, which will be held in 1933 Shanghai Sky Theatre.

Why DeFi was chosen as the theme of this year’s summit?

After more than a year of development and precipitation, blockchain has become the most cutting-edge platform and opportunity for open finance. DeFi as a typical application on blockchain is developing rapidly. In just the past few months, the total lockup volume for DeFi applications has multiplied several times. DeFi is not only a vision of the open financial panorama of the future, but also a microcosm of the coming new and larger technology-driven innovative financial markets. DeFi, the “Lego bricks”, is unprecedented in terms of composability, interactivity, transparency and openness.

IOSG Ventures started to actively involved in DeFi as early as 2017, from the lower layer stablecoin protocol MakerDAO to the upper layer synthetic assets Synthetix & UMA, DEX aggregator platform 1inch, Ethereum-focused protocol for automating transactions Gelato, and Bitcoin-Ethereum bridge tBTC. After 3 years of sowing and cultivation, the anthesis has finally came this year. DeFi World is really blooming with a total lockup of over $10 billion. DeFi has shown its incomparable vitality and brought forth creative ideas and innovations in combination with traditional finance. However, compared with traditional finance, at this stage DeFi is still not considered successful and its shape is far from being determined. There are still many areas worth exploring.

At this summit, we have gathered the founders and key developers of the world’s most cutting-edge and hottest project in Shanghai to discuss the future of the development of DeFi.

We are honoured to have Aave, one of the TOP players in DeFi to co-host this summit, whose founder and CEO Stani Kulechov will deliver a keynote speech. Aave is an open source decentralized non-custodian money market protocol that currently supports 17 different crypto assets, including 6 stablecoins. As the governance token of Aave protocol, the market value of LEND has exceeded 650 million US dollars. Headquartered in London and with teams spread across Europe, co-hosting the Summit with IOSG Ventures really shows Aave’s determination to expand in Asia.

At the same time, we invited Bin He, the founder and CEO of imToken, to also co-host the summit. As a serial entrepreneur in the early Chinese blockchain industry, Bin He grasped the “wallet”, a very important part of the blockchain infrastructure, and built imToken, a mobile friendly, secure and easy-to-use digital wallet. It was officially launched in 2017. After more than three years of development, imToken has become the world’s leading decentralized digital asset wallet, covering more than 200 countries and more than 10 million users, with a total transfer amount of more than $80 billion, once accounting for 10% of the total transfer volume on Ethereum. Among them, USDT accounts for 15% of the total transfer volume, and the average daily transfer volume has reached $100 million. It enables users to safely and conveniently manage the relevant assets of 10 public chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot, and provides reliable digital asset management services for tens of millions of users.

Tang Hongbo, founder of DeBank and DappPub and former R & D director of, will join the summit and deliver a keynote speech. As the co-host of the summit, DeBank team has been committed to promoting all core protocols of DeFi, using its own DeFi protocol analytics to help users track various assets in DeFi’s applications, calculate and accurately display their portfolios and financial data on each blockchain in real time.

As a global leading DeFi service platform, DeBank is currently focusing on user asset management. The team believes in the long-term value of the industry, and will actively cooperate with the mainstream centralized and decentralized wallets to provide their users with better DeFi asset management features

NEAR, an old friend who joined the previous IOSG Meetup, a decentralized application platform built on public blockchain based on sharding technology, will also continue to support this year’s summit. Illia, co-founder of NEAR, has more than 10 years of industry development experience, and was the main code contributor for Google artificial intelligence project TensorFlow. He will attend the summit, participate in the summit panel, and make wonderful project sharing. Kava, the first cross-chain DeFi platform developed on Cosmos, is also the partner of our DeFi Summit and will be sharing highlights about its upcoming cross-chain money market The summit is also partnering with DODO, a superstar project of Domestic DeFi ecosystem, which is a next-generation on-chain liquidity infrastructure based on AMM. Meanwhile, the summit has also attracted Keep Network, an interoperability and privacy layer solution on Ethereum, whose CEO Matt Luongo will share his insights at the summit..

Moreover, we have also invite Vitalik Buterin, Rune Christensen, Sergey Nazarov, Kain Warwick, Dawn Song and other industry leaders join and support.

2020 has put DeFi front and centre around the blockchain world. Thought leaders from top DeFi projects will join us in several panel discussions to explore the opportunities and challenges we are facing in the DeFi.

This panel will focus on the collaborative capabilities of derivatives, decentralized trading and oracles in the DeFi infrastructure. We have Sergey Nazarov (Co-founder and CEO of ChainLink) as moderator and Kain Warwick (Founder of Synthetix), Sergej Kunz (Co-founder & CEO of 1Inch) and Antonio Juliano (Founder of dYdX) as panel guests.

This panel will focus on how DeFi infrastructure can design more secure economic systems and how the underlying assets can empower the industry. We have Zubin Singh Koticha (Co-founder & CEO of Opyn) as moderator and Rune Christensen (Founder of MakerDAO), Hart Lambur (Co-founder of UMA) and Matt Luongo (CEO of Thesis) as panel guests.

This panel will discuss trends and opportunities of DeFi industry and communities in China. We have Diane Dai (Co-founder of DODO) as moderator and Tang Hongbo (Co-founder and CEO of DeBank), Pan Chao (Head of MakerDAO China) and Kai (Chief Architect of imToken) as panel guests.

This panel will discuss the current growth of DeFi and trends of liquidity mining. We have Deniz Omer (Head of Kyber Network Community), and Stani Kulechov (Founder & CEO of Aave), Anthony Sassano (Marketing Director of Set Protocol) and Mariano Conti as panel guest.

Join us on October 26 in Shanghai 1933 Sky Theatre to explore the future of DeFi!

We hope our Summit is a medium for understanding one’s self, unravelling emotions and bonding our friendship. Seats are going fast! Click the link below to register for the Summit if you haven’t already done so. Stay tuned for further updates!

About IOSG:

Founded in 2017, IOSG Ventures is research and community-driven with offices across China, US, Singapore and Germany. We focus on Open Finance, Web3.0 and cross-chain ecosystems, investing in teams with top potential worldwide. Our portfolio covers more than 60 projects, including Layer-1 blockchains (Near, Polkadot, Cosmos), middleware (Celer, Raiden, Reach) and applications including Defi (MakerDAO, Synthetix, UMA). We have been actively involved in various developer & DAO communities. We believe in long-term partnership and we work closely with our portfolios to advise and support them along their journey of entrepreneurship.



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