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This November 1st, IOSG 9th Old Friends Reunion - Sovereign Individual & Zk Odyssey heads to Lisbon to connect the global nodes of the blockchain industry. Don’t miss out!

“The good news is that the Information Revolution will liberate individuals as never before. …. The brightest, most successful and ambitious of these will emerge as truly Sovereign Individuals.”

— The Sovereign Individual

Excitement for IOSG’s annual flagship event is at its peak as the Lisbon blockchain month is approaching!

Join the sovereign individual movement with the exploration in the spell of zero-knowledge with us in the 9th Old Friends Reunion, which will happen in Lisbon on Nov 1st, 2022, with the theme of Sovereign Individual & ZK Odyssey. Following the success of the 7th Old Friends Reunion — DeFi Summit 2020, 8th Old Friends Reunion-Scaling Summit and Metaverse Carnival 2021, we’re excited to initiate the trend each year, make in-depth conversation and gather the most visioners and professionals to bring value to the vibrant blockchain industry.

IOSG Ventures , this time, partnered up with Safe (prev. Gnosis Safe), Kyve, Space & Time, Gelato, CyberConnect, Footprint Analytics, LearnWeb3, Solity, MetaCartel (more coming) etc. and has gained massive support from Decrypt, BlockTempo, etc. We are thrilled to announce that we will host our flagship 9th OFR event with the theme of Sovereign Individual & Zk Odyssey in Lisbon on November 1st, 2022

By inviting industry professionals and visioners to build a comprehensive and mindful discussion, OFR 2022 will navigate on the topics of Data, Privacy, DID, zkEVM, ZKPs, zkRollup, etc., featuring zero knowledge’s implementation of Blockchain and how to navigate cryptographic primitives as a buidler. Attendees will have a chance to listen to the mind-blowing panel discussions and keynote sessions in the fully engaged one-day event.

🤔 Why This Odyssey

The next generation of dApps will be powered by decentralized & tamperproof data, computation, and machine learning models. The integration of decentralized computing with smart contracts could lead to self-parametrized protocols, improved pricing of financial derivatives for DEXs, automated hedging and yield prediction of LP vaults, proof of humanity, non-uniform fees for different tiers on traders, integration of credit scores with leading lending protocol, risk management of under-collateralized lending protocols, fraud prevention, etc.

We are aspiring to back projects and buidlers …

🔥in the cybersecurity space that can increase security standards and reduce the probability of hacks in the pre-deployment stage. Recent events show the importance of thorough security practices not only for smart contract developers but for all of the entities interacting with blockchains.

🔥at the intersection of social and blockchain, utilizing social graphs and privacy primitives to build novel social applications in line with fundamental Web 3.0 principles.

🔥that could significantly improve Web 3.0 UX, reducing the hurdles of managing and storing private keys, and abstracting the complexities of underlying blockchain transactions.

We are also pursuing partnerships with outstanding gaming studios willing to incorporate blockchain primitives into the world of entertainment. And finally, we are seeking projects that reduce reliance on centralized service providers to support more balanced and distributed growth of the ecosystem.

😊 It’s Actually Fun

Tech shouldn’t be boring. Changing world in a professional summit sounds wicked chill. The door is open for all enthusiasts to discover opportunities and immerse into the sovereign individual 2.0 movement. Come join the symposium and register to reserve a 🎫 FREE TICKET🎫 at Luma or Eventbrite.

💪 Our Footpath

Old Friends Reunion is IOSG’s annual tradition and one of the most expected and top-professional blockchain events. We are aiming at bringing together all the leaders and pioneers for a passionate meetup, to contribute to and inspire the progress of a more vibrant blockchain ecosystem.

In the past years, we’ve gathered an increasing number of industry experts to join us, and shared their insights, products, industry potentials, investment thesis, etc. Just to name a few…

🔥 Co-hosted with StarkWare, imToken, Arbitrum, the industry has witnessed the grand success of the 8th Old Friends Reunion, with the themes of Scaling Summit and Metaverse Carnival. With the support from MatterLabs, Optimism, Aurora, Aztec, Polygon, Celer, xDai, deBridge, Hop Protocol, Chainlink, the Graph, Synthetix (Day 1) and M7e, Axie Infinity, Illuvium, YGG, Aavegotchi, Roll, Flow, Big Time Studios, Alethea AI, MetaverseLabs (Day 2). The two-day event saw over 2000 onsite visits and 150+ top-tier industry experts as well. Around 5000 views via liv streaming on YouTube. With 10+ top-tier media coverage, we have seen 500k+ social media engagement & impressions.

8th Old Friends Reunion highlight — Scaling Summit

🔥 Co-hosted with imToken, DeBank and Aave, the 7th Old Friends Reunion came to a successful close in Shanghai in 2020. With the theme of “DeFi Summit, the event has seen over 1000 attendees and over 60 guests, including Vitalik Buterin (Co-founder of Ethereum), Illia Polosukhin (Co-founder of NEAR), Stani Kulechov (Founder & CEO of Aave), Emin Gün Sirer (Founder of Avalanche) & Dawn Song (Founder of Oasis Labs), etc.

7th Old Friends Reunion highlight — DeFi Summit

🔥 Co-hosted with Polkadot, Near, IOSG’s 6th “Old Friends Reunion Meetup” was held in Shanghai in 2019. A total of more than 600 attendees, consists of well-known investors, project developers and founders worldwide participated in the event.

😊 About Us

IOSG ventures started investing in crypto in 2017 and has been an early investor in each major vertical of Web 3.0, making early bets on L1s such as NEAR and Polkadot, and spending most of the resources in the recent years in the broader Ethereum ecosystem, from DeFi (0x, 1inch, Synthetix, MakerDAO, Liquity), over gaming (Illuvium, Big Time) and social (Galxe, Roll, CyberConnect) to Ethereum scaling (Arbitrum, StarkWare) and privacy solutions (Aztec, Sismo).

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