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IOSG Ventures Newsletter #05

Welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter date from 5th June to 18th June.

🐱‍👤IOSG Insight

(1/4) Announcement:

Source: Algorand Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that IOSG VC has become the mentor of Algorand Asia Accelerator, launched jointly by Algorand Foundation, Borderless Capital as well as LongHash Ventures. Algorand Asia Accelerator aims to encourage and facilitate the development of blockchain, particularly in collaboration with Finance 3.0 and beyond, and empower selected projects to build, develop and promote financial innovation within the Algorand ecosystem.

(2/4) Derivatives DEX comparison

Source: IOSG Ventures

We did a comparison of the existing decentralized derivatives exchanges. The advantages of decentralized exchanges are: 1) transparency, 2) open source, and 3) exchanges don’t control your assets. But the disadvantages are also obvious: 1) lack of depth and 2) low efficiency.

Although crypto derivatives market has been dominating by centralized exchanges. We believe the future is still uncertain, with some well-known DEXs recently launched derivatives trading service.

(3/4) The value of governance tokens in Defi

Source: IOSG Ventures

At present, most of the governance tokens issued by the DeFi protocol have played a huge role in the update of the protocol. A great example is MKR token issued by MakerDAO.

The key parameters of the agreement in the community of MKR holders have the right to vote on the proposal about the stable fee rate, the type of collateral, staking ratio, etc.

We can also see that the value of the governance token will increase as the market value of the locked-up asset in the DeFi protocol increases. In order to ensure the safety of the DeFi project (especially in extreme cases), governance tokens such as MKR, COMP, and LEND become particularly important to the direct stakeholders of the project.

(4/4) Status of CBDC across Countries

Source: IOSG Ventures

Here’s our list of countries that have launched or made significant progress in CBDC. In general, countries that have officially launched CBDC had not achieve mass adoption or have ceased to operate. In terms of progress, we think China is ahead of the curve. At the same time, France, Uruguay, Russia and other countries are following. Interestingly, many developing countries are also very active in the development of digital currencies due to financial inclusion, severe inflation, and breaking sanctions.


Ethereum 2.0 Scaling Strategy Has *Basically* Succeeded According to Vitalik Buterin. What’s left is refinement and deployment.Read more

Injective Protocol officially announces a strategic partnership with WOOTRADE, a leading digital asset dark pool, to combine resources to focus on increasing user adoption in the Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) space. Read more

Galaxy Digital and Bakkt Unveil Joint Trading and Custody Service for Institutional Investors. New partnership provides secure and efficient means of buying, selling and storing bitcoin (BTC) for asset managers and institutional investors seeking exposure to digital assets. Read more

Industry Leaders Blockstack and Algorand to Jointly Adopt Clarity Smart Contract Language. Recognizing the need for smart contract languages that are more safe, secure, and predictable in order to mature the industry beyond its current state, teams run by Blockstack Founder Dr. Muneeb Ali, a Princeton Ph.D in computer science, and Algorand Founder Dr. Silvio Micali, a computer science professor at MIT, will collaborate on Clarity design and development. Read more

Digital Dollar Project Releases White Paper on US CBDC. The white paper posits that if the US dollar is to remain the world’s primary reserve currency, it cannot remain an analog instrument and unit of account for assets increasingly denominated as digital tokens. Read more

DeversiFi version hit a bug less than a week after it went live, and the team say they will fix it as soon as possible. DeversiFi said the trading protocol suffered a 20-minute performance problem, with five traders unable to submit orders immediately and the system not clearing balances in a timely manner. Read more

The Libra Association appoints Sterling Daines as Chief Compliance Officer, primarily focused on anti-money laundering, sanctions, anti-bribery, fraud and anti-corruption measures in both the public and private sectors. Read more

🐱‍🚀 Our portfolio companies

Polkadot is now supported by Coinbase Custody. Read more

Polkadot and Gitcoin Cooperate to Bring New Developers to Blockchain. They will help the interoperable blockchain platform’s developers find community support and funding. Read more

NEAR protocol is now supported by Bison Trails. Bison Trails says he will help host the NEAR protocol validator set that currently includes more than 150 nodes and about 40 project investors. Read more

Filecoin Mainnet Launch ‘Is on Track’. After releasing details of its testnet competition several days ago, Filecoin business development staff Angie Maguire said the project’s mainnet is on pace for this summer. Read more

The Maker Foundation Interim Risk Team has placed a series of Governance Polls into the voting system which presents adjustments to the Base Rate, ETH Debt Ceiling, and asks if Monetary Policy votes should use Ranked Choice voting. Read more

MakerDAO Weighs Accepting Real-World Assets as Crypto Loan Collateral. If approved, the proposals would pave the way for the first application of DeFi to solving a tangible business problem outside the rarefied realm of crypto. Read more.

The Kava’s decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform went live on June 10, 2020. It features Binance Coin (BNB) collateral, USDX loans, and allows network participants to earn rewards. Read more

🦄 About IOSG

Founded in 2017, IOSG Ventures is a research and community-driven concept.we are focusing on Open Finance, Web 3.0, and cross-chain industry. We have over 60 investments and been actively involved in various developer & DAO communities. We invest in top teams with innovative ideas, operational excellence, and a robust community, and always supportive to IOSG portfolios to grow local communities in China, the US, and Germany.

If you would like IOSG Venture to consider your project, please send a summary of your project along with a pitch deck and/or white paper to

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