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OFR 2022 Came to A Perfect End, See Y'all Next Year!


The Highlight of Each Session 👀

🔥 Welcome speech — Sovereign Individual in the Context of Web3

🔥Panel — Could zkEVM Be the Endgame of Scalability?

🔥Talk — Building xChain Applications with Connext

🔥Talk — Next Generation Blockchain UX

🔥Panel — Appchain or Layer3, Which One Will Be More Widely Adpopted?

🔥Talk — Taiko ZK-EVM: Layer 2 Finality

🔥Fireside Chat — How to Expand Web3 Ecosystem?

🔥Talk — Ethereum’s Next Frontier: Account Abstraction

🔥Panel — How DAOs and Decentralised Mechanisms Will Shape the Future?

🔥Panel — The Cornerstone of Web3.0: Self-Sovereign Identity

🔥Talk — Decoding Abstract Transactions at 1inch

🔥Talk — The web3 infrastructure Stack

🔥Panel — Building data infrastructure for Web 3.0

🔥Talk -LearnWeb3: Your first stop into Web3

🔥Panel — How Is ZKP Going to Empower Self- sovereign Economy

Final Thoughts

About Co-hosts

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IOSG Ventures, founded in 2017, is a community-friendly and research-driven early-stage venture firm across China, the US and Singapore. We focus on open finance, Web 3.0 and infrastructure for decentralized economy.

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