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Streaming Money: future of payments

Programing money as a function of time

Who is solving this problem?

  • Sablier.Finance is an application with a UI interface for non-technical users. Built on Ethereum’s EC-1620, Sablier is a money streaming protocol in which users can connect their wallets (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or via Wallet Connect) and use the platform to send/receive payments via DAI, USDC or other ERC-20 tokens.
  • Joule is built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and is a WebLN-enabled chrome extension that enables payments. It is useful for technical users who are node operators on the Lightning network and can make micropayments as small as 72 satoshis.
  • Superfluid is built on the Ethereum network and is compatible with ERC20 and ERC777 tokens. It is a smart contract framework and can be used to develop applications like Sablier Finance.

Commercializing the technology

Source: gocardless

Benefits of programable payments

  • Streaming media: Pay for Prime/Netflix/Spotify as you watch or listen.
  • Gaming: Pay for games like God of War and Witcher as you play instead of upfront costs.
  • Telecommunications: Pay for mobile data as you go (instead of buying a monthly plan!)
  • Investments & funding: Yield farming harvest every second or minute, investors can recover unpaid capital, if necessary.
  • Multi-party contracts: Multi-party contracts (invoicing & settlements) can be automated and made continuous to prevent fraud.
  • Compensation: Receive salaries in real time instead of once a month.
  • Content creators: Spotify artists can receive their revenue share in real time as users consume their music.
  • Payments to DAO members: members can receive their payments on-the-go which can be redirected as a % of revenue.

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