iOS Mentorship Program

NB: This is my first medium post So please forgive my unconventional style of writing.

The iOS Mentorship is finally over, It was just like yesterday when I saw Dami’s tweet and decided to apply. I didn’t really know what I applied for but I did anyways, Fast forward to 3 emails later and I was in.

We introduced ourselves and straight up we were given our first task. We were told to come up with a pairing algorithm, Doing this was kinda easy for me coming from the fact that I write java and was familiar with the java method for shuffling a list and coincidentally was given a similar task by one of my professors in school. After everybody posted theirs on GitHub, we compared all the pairing algorithms submitted and picked one (Unfortunately mine received only 3 votes and was not picked).

The next task came and along with it came the struggle. We were told to model the pairing algorithm as an iOS app, Now before all this I had Xcode installed but never have I opened it, he gave us the deadline for submission which meant we had just 3 days!! to complete the app, combined with school work personally I knew I was dead. Fast forward once again 3 days later. I wrote the text below on my notepad.

I’m writing this text now my head is banging. Will I even save it? my hands are shaking, I just gave myself migraine, how did this happen I wanted to be smart and I wanted to be fast, I tried learning iOS within 3 days ,cause my mentor told me I have to submit on this day, The night is cold I check slack, I opened the GitHub repo hoping I’m not last, I see no new project nobody has submitted, Then I typed and complained on slack “I can’t do this, It’s too hard”, “Finally!!” he replied apparently he had been waiting for this moment “Someone open ups at last”. We were not meant to do it within 3 days but since nobody complained, he gave us anyways, he sent an evil smiley and changed the rules,He told us to pick any day, he explained what we all did wrong, we overestimated our abilities now we can all move on, At first I really didn’t get it, then I thought back at all what he said “He was right after all” Like the word he is fond of using “Hubris”, I had so much of it before the start of the program.

Migraine gone days later, I was able to implement most parts after much struggle(still not complete tho), The mistake I made was that I treated the mentorship as a way to impress but I ended up being repressed, he pointed all these out like he read my mind, He really was amazing doing all these again I wouldn't mind, Okay enough with all the rhymes. He was always open to questions and he provided us with a lot of materials, One which i found particularly helpful is his medium post about terms in Android and their iOS alternatives coming from an android background it made iOS development easier.


I will like to appreciate My Oga Akapo Damilola Francis for finding and creating time out of his busy schedule to mentor me, I really could not believe that someone could do all he did for free, for every other mentee that will be picked for this program Please ask questions, Yes you have google, Even with google you’ll still struggle and eventually be humbled. Once again I will like to thank Akapo Damilola Francis , Not only did he push us to learn he also created a way for us to earn. God bless you Bro.