Aiou Technology, IOST’s Enterprise Arm, Selected As “2019 Chinese Blockchain Technology Innovation Enterprise”

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December 26th and 27th, the 2019 Blockchain Technology and Industry Innovation and Development Conference was held at the Qingdao International Conference Center. Aiou Technology, the enterprise arm of IOST focusing on the innovation and development of blockchain technology and providing professional blockchain solutions for government and enterprises, was awarded the “2019 China’s Blockchain Technology Innovation Enterprise” by CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, in an event hosted by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government.

Experts Gathered To Discuss The Development of Blockchain in China

The theme of the conference was to “promote the application of blockchain technology integration and to promote the innovation & development of the industry”. Hosted by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government, China Electronics & Information Industry Development Research Institute, Qingdao Laoshan District People’s Government, CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute and other units.

CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute is an independent legal entity established by the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, integrated with internal and external resources under the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology. It is a professional institution engaged in blockchain consulting and technical services, it is also the specific undertaking unit of the Secretariat of the China Blockchain Ecosystem Alliance.

The conference attendants included more than 1,000 people from government departments, well-known academicians and scholars, senior industry experts and representatives of the news media. Together, they analyzed the development status of the blockchain industry and reviewed the latest professional technical achievements and outstanding solutions in the blockchain field.

Aiou Technology’s bright future: development driven by innovation

As a highlight of the conference, CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute released the “China Blockchain Enterprise Development Research Report and 2019 China’s Blockchain Technology Innovation Representative Enterprise Directory”.

This report is an authoritative report of the blockchain industry. It gathers a selection of 100 representative blockchain technology innovation companies based on four indicators which are

  • team competitiveness,
  • technological competitiveness,
  • product competitiveness and
  • commercial competitiveness.

Aiou Technology is fortunate to be selected as a “2019 China Blockchain Technology Innovation Representative Enterprise” together with other representative blockchain technology innovation enterprises such as Beijing Jinshan Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen SlowMist Technology Co., Ltd.

Obtaining this award is a strong reflection of Aiou Technology’s promotion of technology integration & application and the promotion of industrial innovation & development. It is also a testament to the strong recognition and leading position of innovative technology in the blockchain industry by Aiou Technology.

As an enterprise focusing on exploring the technical requirements of the consortium chain and providing professional blockchain solutions for government and enterprises, since its establishment, Aiou Technology adheres to the concept of independent innovation development, deepening in the blockchain industry and independently developing the underlying blockchain core technologies and high-performance blockchain systems, having many successful cases in consensus algorithms, economic models, business models creation and promotion.

Aiou Technology takes multi-cloud support, multi-chain support, permission management, smart contracts, privacy protection, and consensus mechanisms as its core advantages. It applies blockchain technology to anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain finance, data asset sharing, fair records and many more.

Aiou Technology enables enterprises with innovative blockchain technology, providing professional blockchain solutions for traditional companies such as EHang UAV, Japan Electric Power Company, Jingang Games, etc. In these partnerships, Aiou Technology has built robust blockchain-based systems including aerospace data platforms, power trading systems, traditional game chain modification system, artwork traceability system.

In the future, Aiou Technology will continue to introduce trusted blockchain products and platforms to the market, to constantly create industry-leading blockchain business models and to promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry with technological innovation.



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