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BSN Selects IOST’s Shanyiou Platform as Official Designated Application

On June 23, 2020, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) officially announced that the Shanyiou charity information publicity platform under Aiou Technology (IOST’s Enterprise Arm) has been selected as its Official Designated Application. Among all the applications submitted by BSN’s qualified developers, IOST’s Shanyiou application stands out and has been chosen as the only designation application in the BSN’s Public Welfare & Charity category.

BSN is China’s first national consortium that seeks to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to provide a cross-network, cross-regions, and cross-institutional global distributed ledger technology service infrastructure. BSN was initiated by Chinese State Information Center (SIC), and jointly developed by major China’s state-run telecom China Mobile and the Chinese government-supported payment card network China UnionPay, and Red Date Technology.

Official Notice from BSN

Shanyiou Picked as Official BSN Application

Since its launch, the BSN has received widespread attention from users and a huge demand for blockchain applications. In order to solve the problem of supply and demand mismatch in the industry and provide high-quality blockchain applications for the users, the BSN Alliance has launched an official designated blockchain application mechanism referred to as “ BSN Official Designated Application”.

Based on the needs of the end customers and the usual distribution of products in the industry, the developer committee of the BSN Development Alliance has set 14 general blockchain application categories and 1 “other” category, account for a total of 15 blockchain application categories. The classification covers supply chain, finance, judicial certificate storage, public welfare & charity, anti-counterfeiting traceability, and other aspects. It is planned to choose excellent blockchain product solutions from “BSN Qualified Developers” and include them as Official Apps.

BSN targets for excellent and representative applications in the industry. After the review by the Developer Committee, the best applications will be recommended as a BSN official designated blockchain application and widely recommended in various channels of BSN.

On June 23, 2020, BSN officially announced that the Shanyiou charity information publicity platform under Aiou Technology has been taken as an official designated application under the Public Welfare & Charity Category, and will work together with Aiou Technology to provide high-quality blockchain solutions for government and enterprises.

Shanyiou Platform x BSN to empower charity and welfare

In February 2020, in the fight against Covid-19, IOST Enterprise Arm- Aiou Technology launched Shanyio charity information disclosure platform based on blockchain technology, in conjunction with Ningbo and Changsha local governments, the China Enterprise Federation and China Software Association, to promote the transparency of charity organizations and contribute to the prevention and control of the pandemic. Numerous institutions are on the Aiou information disclosure platform. Whenever a particular individual or organization wishes to donate materials or funds to a certain institution, they just need to register on the platform, and then they will be able to see the all donation details and also material reception and distribution processes details.

Traditional charities are usually inefficient, insufficiently open & transparent and slow & questionable in the matter of distribution. Their credibility was further compromised due to the case of Wuhan RedCross organization. Through IOST Enterprise Edition’s Shanyiou platform, users can view the summary information, the status of current donations and expenditures in real-time. The entire process is completely transparent, traceable, and cannot be tampered.

Notably, at present, the measured peak of TPS on Shanyiou is close to one million, and the platform supports hundreds of millions of data uploads. Nearly 100 members from the China Enterprise Confederation and China Software Association have joined Shanyiou, helping to provide effective information disclosure for the source and distribution of donated materials from more than 20 provinces and cities in China. Whether from the aspect of maturity, the stability, the technical perspective — the tools, tutorials, community, ecosystem, etc. or from the non-technical perspective, Shanyiou is far a leading platform and very convenient for enterprises to access, integrate and develop.

The launch of Shanyio was a success and attracted widespread mainstream media attention and reports such as from People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, and Tencent.

Blockchain is a great tool to improve charity, it is the perfect technology for promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving collaboration efficiency, and building a credible system, etc. It can better expose the charity and public welfare process and create an environment where public welfare is truly free and for everyone.

Shanyiou Charity Information Publicity Platform was born due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, but will not die with the pandemic. Shanyiou will remain to help IOST with its mission to leverage blockchain technology to empower the charity and public welfare industry. In the future, we will work with BSN to provide high-quality blockchain solutions for government and enterprises and promote the transparent development of the charity industry.

As reported, BSN is developed based on Hyperledger Fabric, the most widely used consortium chain infrastructure in the world. As a member of Hyperledger, IOST Enterprise Edition- Aiou Technology has vast accumulated experience in government-enterprise jointly developed projects. By capitalizing on its six-core technological advantages — Multi-could support, Multi-chain support, Permission management, Smart contracts, Privacy protection, and Consensus Mechanism, IOST Enterprise Edition will provide significant inputs to the BSN Development alliance and usher in a new era of a scalable and efficient blockchain-driven economy




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