Crypto Sanguo Has Officially Launched Today!

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Sep 12 · 4 min read

Crypto Sanguo has gone live today for the IOST community! Community members can now explore this classic game adapted from real Chinese history as the first players on the game.

Crypto Sanguo official website:

Five Game Sections In Crypto Sanguo

  • Story Mode: By going through the stories inspired by the real history, players can battle with different NPCs, and equip their heroes to beat enemies and win SGT and resources.
  • Marketplace: Here, players can buy newly added heroes in auctions; or trade with other players.
  • Duel: Players can battle against each other to snatch SGT.
  • Daily Treasure: Hold or burn SGT here to get dividends.
  • Rankings: Check your battle and asset rankings here.

The game is browser-based, which means as long as you have the IOST Wallet installed, you can access it from any PC or mobile device.

Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners

a) Open the game with Token Pocket.

b) Buy 3 heroes from the Marketplace. As a beginner, we recommend that you go for heroes whose “Attack” attributes are high, like Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, or Dian Wei.

3) At the “Me” section, click “Teams” in the top-right corner, to config your hero formation.

4) In story mode, select stage one “Yellow Turban Rebellion”, select the first battle location “Da Xing Shan” and choose the first battle to start. Now the battle shall begin!

5) The battle screen is as below:

If you are playing the game for the first time, it may take some time to load. Please be patient, it will load much faster next time.

6) Receive rewards if you win:

7) The second battle of “Da Xing Shan” is already unlocked, however, please do not try it yet, because the enemies there are tougher.

If you repeat the “1st Battle” for 5 times, you will receive 100 SGT. With the proceeds, you can upgrade one of your three heroes to level 2 (Click “Me” and “Heroes”).

8)If you receive a warning that your heroes are out of energy, in the same screen, you can purchase energy with IOST. If you don’t want to spend IOST, you can also wait for the energy to recover at the pace of 1 point per hour.

9) After you have conquered enough battles, it’s a good idea to attack other players in the “Duel” mode. Every 12 hours, you can defeat someone to snatch 5% of their SGT; and every time you are defeated, you are safe from other players’ attacks in the next 24 hours.

Alright, now you are good to go! We didn’t cover topics like synthesizing equipment or exchanging NFTs, but you will easily figure it out by yourself.

Crypto Sanguo — Battle System

Currently, every hero has the following attributes:

- HP: How much health points the hero has.
- Attack: How much damage the hero can inflict.
- Intelligence: How effective the hero can use his special skill.
- Agility: How fast and frequent the hero can attack or use his special skill.
- Luck: The chance of getting more SGT or items after winning the battle.

Every hero has a special skill, which can be viewed in the “Market” page.

What’s more, by wearing equipment, heroes can gain additional points of the above attributes. In the future, the heroes will also receive additional special skills if some rare items are equipped.

Currently, equipment is classified into 3 kinds: weapons, armors, accessories. And every hero has one slot for each of the 3 kinds.

If you have more questions about the game, please visit , or send an email to

Happy gaming!



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