DApp Bi-Weekly Report | Crypto Sanguo Presale Launching On 4 Sep!

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Sep 3 · 4 min read


As of time of writing (September 2nd), IOST continues to power forward in its ecosystem development strategy. With multiple Dapps already online, we saw several new DApps released this week. We continue to see healthy user growth and strong transaction volumes for the Dapps that have already launched, with significant milestones achieved.

IOST will continue to establish partnerships and assist Dapp developers in finding success with their applications, thereby enriching the IOST ecosystem.

Part I: Overview of IOST On-Chain Data

  • Number of Dapps: 43
  • Number of transactions: 105,647,112
  • Number of contracts deployed on-chain: 412
  • Number of accounts: 333,325

Part II: IOST Mainnet DApp Data Overview

Note: All IOST DApps are developed by third-party developers. Some DApps do not support English at the moment and IOST is working hard to encourage their teams to accelerate localization into more languages. Exploring them according to players’ own risk-taking capacity is highly recommended. Please contact the DApp teams directly for any questions.

Part III: Dapps On-Boarding Progress

Launched by DappBirds, Block Ninja is a mission-based game where players can earn high rewards. Community members can enjoy it through TokenPocket or its official website.

Crypto Sanguo is the very first MMORPG strategy game built on IOST, accessible through both mobile and PC. The goal of the players is to collect materials, gear, and SGT (Sanguo Token) by battling with NPCs and other players. Using gears and SGT, players can equip and upgrade their heroes, to conquer more enemies.

On September 4, Crypto Sanguo will start its one-week presale. During the presale, 90% of the revenue will be distributed to players and the remaining 10% will be used for marketing and maintenance.

Crypto Sanguo Website: http://www.sanguo.pk

To participate in the presale, you will need to have an IOST account created through either iWallet Chrome Extension or Token Pocket Wallet.

IOST is excited to announce that the first Staking + Gaming DApp — CardMaker will launch Ice Cream Town on the IOST network in September. With its cross-chain trading system of ETH (Cake Town) , NEO (Nature Town) and IOST (Ice Cream Town), CardMaker will creates a new innovative and engaging cross-chain gaming user experience. Cardmaker will use IOST as the main external circulating token, which will attract more users to the IOST public chain.

Players play as alien alchemists to explore the world in CardMaker. An alchemist takes action according to his or her own choice and fight against enemies.

CardMaker will start its Staking-For-Gift-Boxes event in late September and open Ice Cream Town for the public. Players are able to not only explore the game for free, but also win special cards and characters by staking IOST!


Join the IOST Community!

Just two months after the launch of mainnet, IOST is now one of the Big 4 Public Chains for DApps alongside Ethereum, EOS and Tron. IOST has already surpassed Ethereum in the number of transactions made on the network. IOST will continue work hand in hand with developers and our community to build the world’s first scalable AND decentralized blockchain project, with a vision of on-boarding over 100 million users by 2019.

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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