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Feb 1 · 2 min read

With only 1 month left before the launch of IOST Mainnet, we are welcoming more DApp developers to join us in building the IOST ecosystem. With the run-up to Mainnet, IOST has made series of preparations:

Developer Bounty Program

we released a list of bounty projects to be claimed by community developers. High priority projects are now claimed by developers, with many developers submitting projects with excellent quality. The names of some of these developers have also joined the IOST Candidate Election.

Bug Bounty Program

The security of the IOST Mainnet is one of our highest priorities. We launched bug bounties to encourage community developers to help us with code reviews and identifying bugs.

Tech Article Contest

Through our efforts, we gained a significant developer community during the last 2 months. To improve the experience and keep delivering value to the community, IOST launched the Tech Article Contest to seek for tech KOLs. From this, we will keep posting tech articles received from community developers.

DApp Ecosystem Building

The DApp ecosystem is another top priority for IOST. It is also one the greatest expectations from the IOST community. We will keep releasing updates and progress with regards to DApps in the near future.

We put high value on involvement from the community for this, so we are also pleased to announce the launch of the DApp Referral Program for IOST!

What is IOST DApp Referral Program?

If You…

  • Work with aDApp team and have intentions to work with IOST (DApp migration on Mainnet)
  • Know DApp teams and could help us on referring staff of DApp projects to IOST (e.g DApp Development Lead, BD manager etc.)
  • Have brilliant ideas for developing DApps, and would like to seek for support.

For people who refer DApps, once IOST and the DApp project have reached a cooperation agreement and have official announced, the referrer will receive IOST tokens. The amount of tokens depends on the DApp’s rankings on DAppReview (https://dapp.review/) on the day of submission of referral.

How to Refer?

Submit the online form by answering the questions here: https://dwz.cn/KgAkIEBH

Every successful referral is determined by a official announcement. At this point bounties will be rewarded.


Top 15 DApps: 120,000–200,000 IOST

16th to 30th: 80,000–120,000 IOST

31th to 45th: 50,000–80,000 IOST

46th to 60th: 25,000–50,000 IOST

>60th: 25,000 IOST

Referral Submission: https://dwz.cn/KgAkIEBH

For more questions about the DApp Referral Program, please contact: tech_support@iost.io

Join IOST Developer Community on Slack to have direct contact with IOST tech team: https://invite.iost.io/


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