Final Results for IOST Q2 Contribution Rankings and Rewards

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3 min readJul 15, 2019


IOST’s Contribution Reward System for Q2 lasted for 91 days from April 1st to June 30th. Compared to Q1, contribution rewards for Q2 have grown substantially.

In total, over 52M IOST tokens will be paid out to Nodes across all tiers and categories. Additionally, these rewards are only half of the quarterly reward payout, with nodes also receiving their “share of votes” rewards which are a total pay out of an equal amount of over 52M IOST tokens.

Final Nodes and Rewards Per Tier

Total IOST token Contribution Reward System payout per tier and per node

All contribution rewards and ‘share of votes’ rewards for the Q2 period will be paid out in full and automatically credited to each nodes account and their voters accounts (50% share) starting from tomorrow.

On Thursday 18th July, ICAC & IOST will hold a meeting for all nodes worldwide to summarize the Q2 contribution rewards system, presentation from high ranking nodes on their contributions and open feedback and discussion session for all nodes.

Please contact us with a brief script if you want to join the meeting.

Final Node Tier Rankings

Following on from the release of initial Node’s Q2 contribution results and rankings and conclusion of the dispute period , all results, rankings and rewards are now finalized for Q2 and listed below (in no particular order).

Building the IOST Node Ecosystem

Following the close of Q2, the Foundation looks forward to a successful Q3 and increased contribution from Nodes as well as new nodes joining the ecosystem.

With excellent staking rewards in play for nodes and their voters, we hope we have demonstrated the high value that building and contributing to the IOST ecosystem can have.

With significant rewards, especially for Tier 1 and Tier 2 contributors, we hope to highly incentivise nodes to keep contributing to the IOST ecosystem and achieve our goals of being the leading scaleable and decentralized public blockchain in the world.

IOST is also working on an update of our evaluation system as during the evaluation we have realized that the current category system cannot cover all contributions our partner nodes are doing for IOST. Stay tuned!

To become a node, join the IOST ecosystem and start earning rewards please check out the Servi & Partner Node Registration Guide.