First ever ICAC x IOST Ecosystem Conference - Introduction and Meeting Notes

On the 2nd of February 2019, ICAC organised the first ever Partner and Node ecosystem conference for the IOST network. Over 70 different teams and organisation joined, and marks the start of ongoing ecosystem conferences to discuss and decide on IOST’s decentralized governance, ecosystem reward mechanisms, and cross-collaboration of a wide range of efforts to increase network value and grow user base.

ICAC ( the IOST Core Arbitration Committee) is a committee set up for overseeing, co-coordinating and management of the IOST partner and node ecosystem. ICAC is a 3rd party organisation and fully independent from the IOST core team. They have run similar arbitration committees for other large block-chain projects including EOS and TRON and will remain fully independent and impartial on all matters. One of their main mandates is implemented decentralized governance for the IOST network.

IOST is committed to ensuring decentralized governance as well as full transparency of processes. This is to ensure we achieve our mission of a truly decentralized network; one that is fair, open to all and rewards people for their contribution to the ecosystem, not just how many tokens they hold. As such, an overview of the meetings notes are below to give fully transparency of the meeting to our community and wider public.

This first meeting was a big success, with ICAC commenting that they had never seen so many participants on a first conference of this type (even on EOS and TRON). In total, 76 participants joined the call. An introduction with given by IOST’s CEO Jimmy Zhong, and Head of International Markets - Ben Waters, followed by a introduction from ICAC and then partners and nodes introducing themselves and their initiatives for contributing to the IOST ecosystem. The meeting was held on an Asian time zone so not all Partners and Nodes could join, the next meeting will focus on US/EU timezone.

Below is some of the meetings summary.

ICAC — IOST Meeting Notes: February 2, 2019

  • Ben IOST: IOST want to develop a truly decentralized network. This meeting is the start of working towards decentralization of IOST’s governance, how partners can contribute to the IOST ecosystem and the incentivization mechanisms and systems that will determine how will they be rewarded. We are still welcoming more partners and nodes to join, applications will remain open indefinitely.
  • Jimmy: We are targeting 100 mil users by end of the first year. We have many initiatives, projects, DApps and more to achieve this. More information will be announced shortly. Anyone can come to the eco-system and can be rewarded, regardless of the amount of coins they have. The next meeting will be planned for the international friendly time-zone.
  • ICAC: Nodes and partners will now each have time to introduce themselves and discuss their contribution to the ecosystem
  • Wada: Japanese Dapp developers. Crypto Ninja Dapp for IOST, they have used ETH originally, however been disappointed by it. They are planning to release this game on IOST.
  • MEETIOST: 40 people group, organized hackathons in Japan, Youtube ride on February 3rd, 2019: Jimmy with community members.

MEET IOST is developer community in Japan. 40 members now. MEET IOST organize regular hands-on workshop in different region and major cities. We open online IOST Hackathon in Japan. This is runing for 2 month online and everyone gather in one place for judgement. The community will hold tomorrow’s Jimmy’s AMA on YouTube LINE. Everyone can join especially asian pacific. will announce from official twitter. starting 8pm for 1 hour. One of community members will a moderator.

  • IFWallet is a BCH/BSV wallet which joined IOST as they believe IOST improved upon the EOS governance and wants to participate!
  • IOST Best is by BlockBeats, one of the largest blockchain community media in China. Will be pulling in users into the IOST ecosystem!
  • About BBX: — provide liquidity for IOST. 760M IOST for 24Hr trading vol. — Will host trading competition for IOST with huge rewards and attract more users to learn about IOST. — Will actively Promote IOST to community and organize offline meetups to bring users into our ecosystem.
  • DragonEX has 250K users. Will help to pull in great Dapps into the ecosystem and open up exchange features on the platform
  • OSTABC has huge experience in the area of building block explorers, it’s EOS explorer has the widest range of features and top volume in China, and globally number 2. Will help IOST with the mainnet launch, explorer, Dapp and ecosystem data analytics, tools and general education.
  • Tokenview is the first multi-crypto blockchain explorer and top on-chain data analysis platform. Tokenview can provide supports in the following aspects: Multilingual IOST Blockchain Explorer: Tokenview will be one of the full nodes of iost and develop a blockchain explorer and data analysis platform, including Rich List, Large Transaction Tracker and many charts like New&Active Address,Transaction Volume and History Record.
  • IOST Dapp:Tokenview will show IOST Dapp on the homepage and provides marketing promotion for IOST Dapp.A IOST wallet will also be developed by us.
  • SSSMinex — CMT #1 node. Hosted WBF Shenzhen Summit, promoted IOST and done meetups, articles, press releases etc. Also promoted to community and plans to be very activist in this area both online and in offline events in Shenzhen, China and also to its WBF partners
  • Anrong Block: set up IOST community, now with over 1000++ members, and continue to grow. Released articles about IOST to market the ecosystem through the various community channels available. Anrong will continue its active efforts to contribute and build the IOST ecosystem together!
  • WhiteMatrix: one of the earliest ETH developers in China, highly experienced in Dapps development and ecosystem building. Award winning projects include Project Genesis, Voyager etc. They will bring these projects onto the IOST ecosystem and share about IOST with its various partners including universities, project teams and academic associations. would like to see practical real world applications being developed on IOST!
  • Lian Jin Shu (Alchemy) — wants to build the most active IOST blockchain community and promote IOST and the ecosystem through articles, education and working with great Dapp teams
  • Krypital Group is a leading consulting firm specializing in comprehensive Blockchain marketing and management services to clients worldwide. We believe that building a complete ecosystem will be a strong advantage as an IOST node candidate and will allow all the investors to thrive in the long run. To achieve the goal, we plan to mainly focus on four aspects in the Q1 of 2019.

Four aspects as below:

  1. Global bounty design/management: Strong communities in Europe, US, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, etc. One of the top bounty group in the industry, 10,000+ users, create a comprehensive bounty program to promote
  2. Global PR/Social Media management: We have a complete media database, especially the top-tier mainstream medias in both US and China, , we can follow IOST’s roadmap and schedule media interviews, and media pitches, for example the main net launch, founder’s interview..multiple language translation, and social media management;
  3. Global Roadshow Oversea: DApp developer meet-up, Roadshow, Social Event, and even hiring event
  4. STO Partnerships: One of the earliest companies that already started to establish our STO ecosystem, already signed quite a few partners with compliance in the US, talk in details with IOST
  • Sutler Ventures — Mike Finch — USA Founding Partner: At Sutler Ventures we plan on building the IOST ecosystem in North America in three categories: with the community, with developers and with investors.

For the community, we run ICO Alert, one of the most trusted ICO and early stage blockchain startup consulting and content companies. We are utilizing our network and connections to spread the word about IOST with large media companies, exchanges, third parties and more. As for developers, we plan on bringing additional developers to IOST and we have already onboarded team members who have partnerships with 30 of the top universities in the United States including Carnegie Mellon, Columbia and others.

For investors, we are bringing many of the top crypto funds and VCs in the US to the IOST ecosystem and are happy to bring dapps to these investors for investment. We have already signed a partnership with a group who manages 45 VCs who we can leverage for IOST and project investment.

Developers, have media partners and his partner is in marketing,

  • Founder and builder of Monarch Token, Crypto Beadles on Youtube, Founder of Splash Factory-Blockchain dev house.
  • IOST game is a developer node, which is a independent node (name may be confusing seems like an official node). We are gonna develop a sandbox & simulation game — Realm 10, based on iost network. Our goal is to bring more normal players into blockchain network. We have finished our alpha test in Jan 2019, now we are working on the contract dev in IOST and make some changes based on feedback from Alpha test. Hopefully, we can do beta test in early March 2019. We are very excited to provide games and services to players and IOST holders.
  • CryptoDer: Japanese Game developers, hoping to integrate their game on IOST.
  • IOST world: Backed by 100 and 100 Ventures Crypto Fund in Korea, 1. Invest into the market 2. Spread IOST into the worldwide market through their network.

The meeting was a big success and really exciting to see the number of participants and all the great things they are working on to build the IOST ecosystem over the coming months. The next meeting will be held this month and will continue to update the community on all details and progress.