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Nov 14, 2018 · 4 min read

IOST is a blockchain platform for decentralised applications, immutable record keeping and providing automated services of trust-based tasks. It is built for global and enterprise scale adoption and led by a team of proven founders and backed by world-class investors including Sequoia and Matrix Partners, with a team of over 50 blockchain professionals across 7 offices around the world.

Our Vision, Progress and Next Steps

IOST came out of stealth mode in Q1 2018. Since then we have been executing on our strategy and successfully delivering on our roadmap milestones. We identified 4 key objectives that needed to be reached in order to achieve our ambitious plans of bringing real world and useable blockchain technology applications into the mainstream:

1. Building the base layer network

2. Establishing the community

3. Building use cases into real world applications

4. Mainnet launch, further dapp development and user acquisition

We are excited today to announce the launch of this 3rd phase and share details of our plans of building blockchain use cases into real world applications through our Flagship Dapp Partnership Program. This program will result in flagship Dapps that will launch alongside our Mainnet in Q1 2019.

Through the IOST Flagship Dapp Partnership Program, we will consult and work with a range of organizations and companies in high value sectors that we think most suitable to benefit from blockchain technology to find common pain points and suitable use cases for development of these applications. Throughout this process we will iterate development and testing with partners and industry feedback for several sector specific flagship applications.

Sectors and Use Cases

The IOST Flagship Dapp Partnership Program will focus on the following business sectors and explore how blockchain technology can be applied. If you are interested in using blockchain technology to help with your own business, please contact us to apply for the program.

Transparency of operations and use of funds, donation contributions, crowdfunding and end to end tracking.

Forgery and authenticity, provenance and ownership, record keeping, bidding processes and payment for artists.

Open source development, crowdfunding, revenue sharing and IP’s.

Academic records and certifications, application processes, remote learning, fees and payments.

International remittance, financing and loans, credit scoring and record keeping.

Collectables, in-game assets, in-game payments, crowdfunding and development transparency.

Authentication and counterfeiting, provenance and sourcing, record keeping, intercompany agreements, end to end visibility and tracking.

Micropayments, artist royalties, peer to peer sales, digital rights and fair payment mechanisms.

Payment processing and security, order fulfillment and tracking, clearing and finalization of payments, authenticity and ownership.


We are currently in discussion with potential partners for the IOST Flagship Dapp Partnership Program as well several initial confirmed partnerships. We will continue to explore cooperation with a range of credible organisations across several sectors that have been identified as “high value” to benefit from blockchain technology.

Over the coming weeks We will be accepting applications and finalizing partnerships. We will then start working on the product specification, design and building phase which will lead to the release of industry specific Dapps which will be open source, free to use and open for all on the IOST network. This Flagship Dapp Program will be one of several initiatives rolling out over the coming months to ensure ecosystem growth, adoption and user acquisition for the IOST network leading up to mainnet launch in 2019.

We are very excited to be starting this new phase of the IOST ecosystem development as well as eager to see some amazing use cases and Dapps come to life. We will continue to provide updates on the progress of the IOST Flagship Dapp Partnership Program and as always would love feedback and thoughts from our awesome community!

For business and corporate inquiries please visit here.

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