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How to apply to be an IOST node?

On the 21st of December, IOST officially opened applications for Candidate Nodes for the intial ERC-20 election and to establish the first Servi Nodes for running the IOST network.

There is no limit to the number of Servi Nodes on the IOST network. We welcome any and all people, teams, communities and organizations to apply to become a node and join the IOST ecosystem.

If you work effectively and promote the IOST ecosystem, you can become a Servi Node and earn rewards. Block production rewards are 840M tokens (currently $4.2M) and user fee rewards are unlimited. The better you promote the IOST ecosystem, the more votes you can get, and the more rewards you can earn!

  1. There is no technical barrier for running an IOST Node. If needed, the IOST tech team can handle all server set-up for you. You just need to focus on marketing your Node and getting enough votes and/or users to qualify and start earning big rewards.
  2. No technical barrier for Voters / IOST token holders. IOST is the first ERC-20 token that allows token holders to vote with one click and earn tokens by voting — no other token can do that. Voters do not need any technical knowledge to vote. It is very easy to vote, and voters make money by doing so. Therefore getting votes from token holders will be easy, they will want to vote with their tokens, so you just need to make sure they choose to vote for you!
  3. The ROI on being a Servi Node is great. You can earn huge rewards in a variety of ways simply by getting voters and inviting users and can be generating and ROI from 40% up to 4,700%.
  4. We can support your Node with promotion and marketing for teams that do a great job. If you have large resources or a great plan for creating awareness and marketing for the IOST network, we can support your Node with marketing and promotion via our teams and partner projects to promote the great work you are doing!

For full details you can read the IOST Node Handbook.

How to Apply

To apply, submit your application here.

You will need to answer the following 10 questions:

  1. What will be the official name of your organization / team as a node candidate?
  2. What will be the primary country of operation for _____?
  3. What is the website URL for _____?
  4. What is your primary contact email address?
  5. Please list all social / community channels you have with URL’s.
  6. Do / will you meet the hardware requirements to host an IOST node?
  7. Will you need support for setting up your node?
  8. What is your plan for receiving the 0.05% (10.5M) minimum IOST votes from Token Holders to qualify as a Servi Node?
  9. Please provide your long term growth and marketing plan and vision for the IOST network.
  10. How would you classify your organization?

The next step in this process is to assess candidates in more detail, get to know you and introduce you to our team and answer any questions you may have. For successful applicants, we may announce your selection to our community via our Community Channels and Partners using the answers to the questions below.

If you are an Exchange, Dapp / Blockchain Developer, or Large KOL / Media organization, you are welcome to schedule video call with us to discuss the benefits of being a Servi Node on the IOST network and how the IOST team and partners can support you.

  1. Why did you choose to apply to be an IOST Node?
  2. Please provide details if you have any plan to get more votes once listed as a Node Candidate.
  3. Please provide details of any plan to give benefits to IOST voters who vote for your node.
  4. How will your team help the IOST community grow and get better if you become a Servi Node?
  5. Do you have any plan for future marketing strategies after the election?
  6. What is your long term vision of the IOST network and/or community?
  7. If the website / social channels you submitted in the application is not yet live, what date will it be accessible?

After these first 2 steps, your application will be verified. If successful, the final step is confirming the information for your election listing. You will have your own full page on the voting website app and this will be listed publicly for IOST token holders to read and vote for you. At this point you are asked to confirm the final information for your listing page.

How to get votes?

In terms of acquiring votes for the ERC-20 election — this could be via any strategy you decide. For example: starting discussions in crypto communities, writing content for news sites and social channels could be effective. Joining or hosting local groups and meetups is another great option.

The listing page for candidate nodes is important too, so a good “profile” and “Deceleration” section as well as a good website should do a lot to show professionalism to voters.

There are so many potential ways to promote the IOST ecosystem and your node, and we are excited to see all the innovative ideas nodes can use to acquire voters and users!

P.S If you haven’t already, make sure to follow​ for updates including an upcoming AMA for Candidate Nodes.​



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