Important Notice on The Celebration of “IOST’s Mainnet Launch 1st Anniversary”

Feb 24 · 2 min read

A year has passed by since IOST’s mainnet launch on 25 February 2019. Tomorrow, the IOST mainnet will be officially one-year-old.

This is a day to be celebrated! Within one year, the IOST ecosystem has experienced rapid and impressive development and IOST continues to show the steady pace of growing every day.

Today, we have the support of more than 500,000 community members worldwide, market influence in nearly 20 countries around the world, the №1 Staking economy in the global comprehensive index, more than 4 billion IOST votes staked in the mainnet, and over 400 partner nodes around the world that continuously contributes to the development of the IOST ecosystem… IOST, what else?

In terms of implementation, IOST has reached multiple in-depth cooperations with the global leader in the drones industry- EHang, the Japanese government and Japan’s largest state-owned power plant, traditional game publishers as well as top-tier blockchain games teams. Accelerating this way the implementation and development of blockchain in the Internet of Things, energy, and blockchain games industries. In addition, IOST has also had fruitful results in many fields such as payment, charity, education, and traceability.

In terms of compliance, IOST became the first public chain project in China to be invited by CCTV and the Great Hall of the People to give a special speech; in Indonesia, BAPPEBTI invited IOST to serve as an Indonesian blockchain technology consultant.

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The celebration event for IOST mainnet launch 1-year anniversary, however, has to be rescheduled to the middle of March. At the moment, due to the coronavirus prevention and control regulations in China, all celebrations events are to delay and work has not fully resumed. Therefore, IOST is unable to ensure the participation of our partners and community members in this celebration at the moment and require a rescheduling of the celebration event. We seek your understanding with regard to this matter.

After this prevention period ceases, IOST will hold numerous amazing events and great anniversary gifts prepared for everyone. At that time, all members of the IOST community are cordially invited to the “IOST mainnet online anniversary” party.

Thank you for your unwavering support in the past year. IOST will bring you more surprises in this upcoming year and beyond!

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