Interview with Official IOST Node: IOST World

100&100 Venture Capital took time from their busy schedule to answer questions from the IOST team regarding their company and vision, IOST election, and plans for IOST Mainnet. Read on to learn about this awesome partner joining the IOST ecosystem!

Q1. who and what is IOST World?

A: We are IOST World and aim to be the biggest IOST Servi Node of Korea. IOST World is powered by 100&100 Venture Capital, one of the most successful VC firms in the recent bear market.

IOST World Powered by 100&100 Venture Capital

100&100 Venture Capital invested in 20~30 projects since 2017, generating high ROI from 95% of investments. While many of the popular crypto funds suffered in this historic bear market, we reported more than 1,000% ROI. Some of our investment projects include ICON, Wanchain, Gifto, Zilliqa, Cindicator, Airbloc, Phantasma, Nucleus Vision, Contents Box, and Contents Protocol.

Now, we are launching the IOST World Servi Node using our capital and investment know-how. ‘IOST World’ plans to run a Servi Node for a long time and has a vision to become the largest node in Korea in the future of IOST Nodes.

Q2: Why did you choose to join IOST as a partner?

A: 100&100 Venture Capital is a crypto fund which targets strategic investments to make profit. The biggest reason we’ve achieved about 1,000% ROI in this historic bear market is because we’ve been able to maximize our investment style, our objectives and cool-headed market responsiveness, and our tendency to think and act all the time. Importantly, we give the full-support to our investment projects. These are all of the things that make 100&100 Venture Capital.

The first choice of 100&100 Venture Capital in 2019 is to invest in the value of IOST. Rather than just acting as a Servi node, it’s about having a broader perspective and helping you reach the goals of the IOST team and the management team more effectively. That’s because we thought we’d make 100&100 Venture Capital even more valuable, and we’d be able to achieve another revenue-generating goal. In order to increase the value of IOST, we will do our best by providing full support with resources in various ways.

Q3: How are you going to get more votes using your strength?

A: Our strengths are very clear. First, as we said before, we are an investor like voters are investors too. We will focus on increasing the value of IOST as a Servi node.

Second, Stable node operation. If the node can not flow financial resources smoothly then it can be a serious situation to a running node. In fact, nodes in other projects also gave up halfway due to the difficulty of operation due to this declining market. IOST World will provide the most stable node operation based on solid financial strength.

Third, at same time, our target is running the biggest node in IOST. We will be one of the most reliable nodes in accordance with the PoB (Proof-of-Believability) consensus protocol and plan to exercise one of the largest votes representing the investor’s position in IOST governance.

We believe that these principles can promise trust and faith to voters who are voting for IOST World, and not just for operating a node, but aligning goals the same way as voters.

Q4: How are you going to work with IOST in the future?

A: We would say that one of the driving forces behind 100&100’s high return is flexibility. We’ve created 100&100 through flexible activities to match the market. So, how we work with IOST and what goals we will have in the future will depend on the direction and the pursuit of the IOST team.

Instead of being independent of IOST World, we will be prepared to align with the constructive goals and operations of the IOST team. We believe that this flexibility will have a more positive impact on the development of IOST. Now, we want to implement a strategy focusing on solid and reliable node operation, and after the mainnet, we want to prepare for trustworthy ecosystem construction through productive exchange with the IOST team.

Q​5: What is the roadmap for your node?

A: In the past, ‘100&100 Venture Capital’ sought to build trust with choice and focus rather than indiscriminately investing, and the prior investment success know-how and capital provided the foundation for the current IOST World entity. In addition, centralized human and material support has helped IOST World produce tangible results from the beginning of voting. We don’t know how the future cryptocurrency market will change, but the flexible response 100&100 Venture Capital has shown so far and the various aspects will show the confidence that we can solve any form of problems in the future.

It’s not easy to predict the future environment for long-term node operations, but we think IOST World’s future actions have proven past and present results. Based on these results, We promise that we will do the best to produce results that will reward all voters who trust and support IOST World.

IOST World has already received 124M IOST votes and currently ranked as 2nd largest node. For more information and to vote for them, visit their election page.

IOST election voting will continue up until the switch to Mainnet voting on March 10th. We sincerely welcome you to join us and cast your votes. This is the time for you, the token holders, to help decide who will be a part of the IOST ecosystem.

Any questions or discussion, feel free to join the IOST telegram group and IOST official community where we will answer your questions.

Good luck and happy voting!