IOST 2020 Q2 Global Partner Nodes Meeting Recap

IOS Foundation
Jul 25, 2020 · 22 min read

July 23, 2020, the Q2 Global Partner Node meeting was held with the participation of IOST cofounder Terry Wang, IOST representatives, and over 70 global partner nodes from all over the world.

The session consists of 3 main parts:

  • IOST co-founder Terry summarized the development in the first half of the year and explained the development roadmap for the second half of 2020
  • The IOST Foundation team representatives gave their brief summary and speech
  • The node partner representatives presented and demonstrated their past contributions and future plans for IOST

IOST development in the first half of the year and future plans

Another notable update in the past quarter was the introduction of updated staking mechanism 4.0 in which the unstaking period was significantly shortened from 7 days to only 3 days. The new node policy to be implemented from Q3 moving forward also provides better incentives for nodes with more contributions. While increasing contribution incentives, IOST has launched an on-chain governance mechanism, hoping to strike a balance between community/node participation and governance efficiency.

In addition to the above highlights, IOST and its enterprise arm Aiou Technology have also focused on expanding government-enterprise cooperation across China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and other countries. Terry highlighted the following:

  • Launched the Shanyiou charity information publicity platform to promote charity transparency and help epidemic prevention and control;
  • signed a memorandum of understanding with the world-class university of Zurich University;
  • joined the world’s most widely used alliance chain system Hyperledger;
  • Strengthened the relationship with AWS in China;
  • became a national level Qualified developer of the alliance chain BSN blockchain service network;
  • reached a cooperation with the Korean Kakaopay cooperative logistics company dKargo;
  • cooperated with a well-known Japanese medical institution Pracs to build a medical record system on the chain;
  • worked with the National Archives Administration (NAA), the national agency under the China Central Committee of the Communist Party in national archives management.

Finally, Terry explained the development plan details in Q3 & Q4 which maps out:

  • cooperating with more government and enterprises entities
  • exploring the application of blockchain technology in more fields, and gradually carry out the compliance process in many countries around the world
  • improving and deploying cross-chain technology
  • comprehensively developing the DeFi ecosystem which will include high-quality DeFi products and services for users in the IOST community

Following Terry’s sharing, the IOST Foundation representatives: Crown- IOST Marketing Director, Stephanie- IOST Overseas Marketing Manager, Jessica, IOST China ecology manager, Lyrrat- IOST China Nodes Manager, and Jing- IOST Community Manager addressed their speeches.

Sharing by Node Partners: Contributions in the second quarter of 2020 and development plans for the next phase

  1. Neoply
  2. Eversystem
  3. XPET
  4. PHI
  5. Heritage Blocks
  6. Liebi
  8. Powermine
  9. Lichang
  10. Shenmi
  12. Kwudor
  13. GameTea
  14. Citadel (Paradigm Fund)
  15. UnseenMagic
  16. GOGOC
  17. Sonata
  18. TokenPocket


NEOPLY is an incubator under NEOWIZ Holdings, a South Korean listed game group, mainly engaged in seed round. A round of equity investment and providing incubation services to the holding team.

The NEOWIZ Group has two entities listed on the South Korean Main Board. The main business of the group is to make games. Game development, release, and operation are all in progress. NEOWIZ currently has more than 1,000 employees, more than half of which are developers. The more famous games include FIFA online, crossfire, Tapsonic, and so on. We are also actively developing dapps and other blockchain projects.

First of all, we have our own wallet, nblocks wallet. Currently supports Klaytn, ETH, EOS. Several blockchain games have also been developed. nblocks hunt is a game similar to ‘pokemon go’ based on AR and location, Tapsonic VR is a music rhythm game, and Spider Solitaire is a PVP game. In addition, we are also exploring the De-Fi industry. Staking business, crypto AI trading systems, and Crypto asset management solutions are being developed internally. We will package these contents into a comprehensive DeFi dapp to provide services to people with asset management needs. As a node to join the IOST ecosystem in the near future, we strive to contribute to the IOST ecosystem. Also, some related incubation plans have been started internally.

In Q2 this year, in order to build the Korean community of IOST, we created profiles on medium, twitter, and other platforms and translated related articles and published them.

We are planning various forms of contribution to the IOST ecosystem:

  • First, IOST’s staking products will be added to the de-fi dapp product
  • Then the IOST chain will be promoted within the neowiz group, which may introduce some game development teams to the IOST chain.

2. EverSystem

Hi everyone. I’m Takao Wada, CEO of EverSystems, and I’m honored to be selected for Tier 2 in Q2 2020. As you may know, we have been working on real business applications of IOST for almost two years now.

In this period, we have completed a two-week trial of power trading with a new power company. P2P power trading has been experimented with by various companies in Japan, mostly in private chains or Ehereum-based systems using HyperledgerFabric. As a result of our experiments, we have proven that the IOST public blockchain can be used to bid on and process power trades. In reality, due to legal issues, P2P power trading in Japan is likely to be a long way off, but we have shown that it can be a viable option.

Also, although I can’t talk about it in detail, an enterprise-based business system using the IOST blockchain, which we were involved in developing, is now in full operation.

On the other hand, following the announcement of IOST and Aiou tech. for BaaS, we publicized our support in Japan in the newspapers and started to develop an educational system as a use case for our company. We are very excited about yesterday and its potential.

We will continue to work on the application of IOST in real business. Thank you very much for your attention.


In Q2, we have mainly been working on IOST’s IRC721 protocol and built the NFT ecosystem foundation of IOST based on XLOOT, including the issuance of NFT assets, wallet API support, cross-chain transfer of assets, transactions, etc.

The first batch of NFT assets issued by XPET Monster World through XLOOT is the very first blockchain game assets that can be transferred across IOST and EOS public chains. We have provided the API of IRC721 protocol assets to the TP wallet and BEPAL wallet, and assist the TP wallet to integrate the display and transfer functions of IRC721 assets.

XLOOT has integrated the IOST Anniversary NFT badge and the Qingfeng Chain Game Association NFT membership card. Users can transfer and trade NFT assets on our site now.

In addition, we are still maintaining a half-month update frequency in our game monster world, with daily activity and transaction volume ranking on the top of the IOST Dapp rankings.

In Q3, we will mainly be focused on the development of new games. The new games will be based on IOST’s underlying blockchain technology, so core assets and NFT assets are stored on the IOST public chain. The goal is to attract users from traditional games, and the specific implementation has been submitted to a governance proposal. In addition, XLOOT will continue to provide assistance in asset issuance and listing for projects and developers who need IRC721 assets, including maintenance services, to help in the implementation of IOST’s NFT ecosystem.

In addition to the summary of Q2 and the future plans for Q3, I have also asked the team for 2 extra minutes to elaborate on our governance proposal. The content of the proposal will not be repeated here. Instead, I would like to add something to our proposal.

First of all, XPET is the blockchain game dev team with the longest development and operation time. After two years of experiments, we found the combination method to mix blockchain and games. We believe that we now have the ability to build a blockchain game that can compete with traditional 2D games face-face, thus breaking through the bottleneck and predicament of current blockchain games. We expect to bring a large number of new users to the IOST ecosystem and realize IOST’s strategic goal of leveraging the entire IOST ecosystem through explosive chain games. The final objective is to bring more and more participants to the IOST ecosystem.

Secondly, from the issuance of game tokens (TOKEN), the storage of core game assets (NFT), to the closed-loop game economy in the new games from XPET will be using IOST as the settlement system. Thus, they will be native blockchain games based on the underlying technology of IOST. With this, the target users of our games will no longer be limited to the users of public chains of the blockchain, but we will increment our potential users base to traditional game players.

Thirdly, why developing blockchain games on IOST instead of other public chains? Because XPET is a partner node of IOST, blockchain gaming has always been in the strategic plans of IOST and we hope that the two years of development and operation experience in the blockchain field will eventually explode in the IOST public chain. This is our objective for the ecosystem, and we hope to attract more independent game developers to develop games on the IOST public chain.

Finally, I would like to make a clarification. The new game has already been approved for development, and the BETA version will be released in September. The purpose of the proposal to apply for funds is not for starting the project, but to accelerate the speed of market expansion. As a native game based on IOST, it also ensures that the final return on investment of funds is the entire IOST ecosystem.

I hope that all partner nodes can support the development of XPET and give us a vote of support, thank you.

4. PHI

Since we were awarded tier 1, we would like to briefly introduce our activities. We are a Japan-based company that develops online governance tools for running online autonomous and decentralized organizations.

The Self-Directed Decentralized Organization utilizes ICT (Information and Communication Technology) technology, such as blockchain, to enable geographically dispersed participation of all members of the organization. By ensuring the transparency and authenticity of the decision-making process, it enhances the sense of belonging and ownership of the organization based on the consensus (blockchain protocol), rather than the traditional structure of governance, which promotes independence and productivity. It is important that decision-making is a continuous consensus process, with all members understanding and participating in the goals.

This term, we have completed the implementation of this process in a Japanese political party and have started to operate it. We are working with the Japanese government on this project, although we cannot make it public yet.

We will continue to work hard for the continued growth of IOST and if you have any questions about the autonomous and decentralized organization, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you’d like to vote for our node, please do so!

5. Heritage Blocks

In Q2, we focused on the promotion channel diagonalization and revitalization of the local community as previously planned. To mark the third anniversary of IOST’s launch, we planned and held an event to promote the Korean community from June 11 to July 1. We were able to promote various crypto KakaoTalk / Telegram community channels in Korea (total size of 30K or more) and secure more than 600 new community members. In addition to the existing community channel, IOST’s news was secured by a collaborative media company and PR transmission was carried out, while Blockchain Hub, one of Korea’s major crypto portal, began to provide information about IOST.

In the third quarter, we will continue to supply and demand content in a stable manner and focus more on our own content. During the three-year anniversary of IOST’s launch, the existing project reviews need to be refreshed, and I think it is necessary to communicate the news and information of partner nodes in the ecosystem in addition to the project’s own competitiveness. So I want to focus on this part. If any other node here needs to enter Korea, introduce, translate content, or collaborate, please contact us anytime!( In addition to the new content, we will also secure opportunities to promote IOST to potential investors in Korea through our existing online and offline networks.

Although it is not complete yet, as the market is making progress, we will contribute more to the ecosystem of IOST in the third quarter so that it can help the IOST grow further in a good flow. Thank you.


For cross-chain technology development, we are working closely with the IOST team and expect to upgrade the IOST client so that it is compatible with the IOST cross-chain transfer bridge light node signature in Q3. After completing the signature verification, we will deploy the relevant contract and runtime code required for cross-chain on IOST and Bifrost. By then, users will be able to map DOT on the IOST chain and to map IOST in the Polkadot ecosystem through the transfer bridge.

For operation, we pushed a total of 30 articles and 93 daily quick news. Our mining pools experienced an increase of 57%, from 210 million to 330 million. Through our good relationship with TokenPocket and Bepal, and have attracted and educated many new users to our community with their help.

In Q3, Liebi will continue to work on the development of the IOST transfer bridge, and wait for the IOST client to complete the cross-chain test on the testnet after the IOST client upgrade, to help IOST expand its usage scenarios and improve liquidity.


Hi this is IOST-Q.E.D node. We are operating IOST chrome extension wallet called Jetstream.

In Q2, we focused on developing NFT-related products. For example, we made a One-Click NFT launch solution, called “My Unique Asset”. With this solution, users can turn anything into NFT easily.

In more detail, In My Unique Asset, users can upload photos or take photos directly on their mobile phones, upload them to the canvas, and they even can write text in the canvas. After decorating the canvas, the user can set metadata on the NFT. For example, users can set values such as age of the NFT, power, or speed. For your information, for these metadata, the 722 NFT standard proposed by Jason of BlockArcade team was used.

After the input of the metadata is completed, the user can set the price for the NFT, and finally issues and purchases the NFT at that price.

The NFTs issued in this way can be checked in the Jetstream wallet or token pocket wallet, and the user can transfer the NFT to other users. The IOST-Q.E.D team is also developing a market function to trade NFTs, and is planning to release to Q3.

Plus, while developing this solution, we developed and exposed an API related to NFT. This API is called “Jetstream NFT API”. This API serves to collect all NFT information currently registered in the IOST ecosystem and display in JSON format.

Through this API, any developer can easily fetch all NFT information. This includes images as well as metadata. So it will help anyone who want to create NFT-related DApp in IOST. For example, the token pocket team is already using this API to list IOST NFTs in the token pocket mobile wallet.

Currently, the NFTs registered in the API include the rat NFT of the Herorats game, the prize NFT of the BlockArcade, and My Unique Asset NFT. We plan to support more NFTs in the future.

Plus, in the process of developing features related to NFT, We found some scenario that requires IOST code to be improved. This was registered as a Github Issue and passed to the IOST development team. In summary, it was an improvement request for problems that may occur when the length of the NFT name is longer than 6. Previously, it was not possible to transfer a long-named NFT directly to a contract. This is because the key length of the IOST was limited to 64, but this was communicated to the development team. and they said they will fix this issue.

In addition to what we just said, we continue to operate the Jetstream Vote site, where you can easily vote or get rewards through Jetstream, and Herorats, the IOST game DApp. And we still support account creation through Jetstream for free. We will continue to support these features in Q3 as well. Thanks.

8. Powermine

DeFi is taking an important place in crypto since it provides great utility to the underlying blockchain, IOST in this case. The IOST blockchain has everything a DeFi contract might need, the transaction speed and the low cost of these transactions are particularly important for optimization purposes.

Powermine’s first two DeFi projects were: Porting Uniswap to IOST which has brought an additional way to increase the liquidity forIRC20 tokens. And secondly, introducing the Perpetual ecosystem which includes many important features from lending to staking.

For the next two quarters we plan on improving these two DeFi projects and expanding the portfolio beyond them, this will greatly benefit both PMINEholders and the IOST blockchain as a whole. To give a quick fact about Powermine’s DeFi ecosystem, in just two months it has managed to lock over 40 MM IOST from the circulating supply with the future projections being in the hundreds of millions or even the billions for 2021. When it comes to DAPP volume Powerminehas remained at the top of the charts of all stats sites such as Dappradar,, and so on.

9. Lichang

Lichang focuses on newcomer education, value content creation, high-quality project scouting, wealth management mining pools, and is committed to becoming a blockchain one-stop digital asset educational community. We have more than 200k fans and a total of over 830k registered users in our Lichang app.

In Q2 2020 we have mainly worked on content/media promotion, Dapps, and communities:

  • At present, the number of participants in the IOST space is close to 70k.
  • For conversations, around 80k IOST related topics were generated with 3635 highlight threads. For content creation, we have approximately generated 3064 IOST related news and articles, including 1285 premium articles.
  • For Dapp support, the 9 main DApps of IOST have been launched on the Lichang APP, at the same time, we have provided promotion and community maintenance.
  • For the official launch of both IOST NFT badges, we have actively organized community activities such as community AMA, boosting, and prizes to jointly build the IOST ecosystem.

For the next quarter, in addition to actively participating in IOST activities and providing newsletters, DApps promotion, and threads, we will increase the promotion channels, such as Weibo, community AMA, and live video. At the same time, we are also very happy to cooperate with other nodes to jointly contribute to IOST and strengthen the influence in the industry. Thank you all.

10. Shenmi

By posting on the highly credible and famous news publications People’s Daily, People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, and other major media platforms, we have helped to improve the credibility of IOST and helped IOST PR to reach these major media platforms. We have good relations with many mainstream media editors, Weibo and Baidu executives and I personally am responsible for gathering cost-effective promotion. If any of you need help or are interested, you can contact me.

In the future, we will use more resources to promote IOST, including the most authoritative Chinese media such as People’s Daily and CCTV, as well as various premium WeChat groups, QQ groups, Tieba, and Weibo to promote and let more people know about IOST.


In the second quarter, our forces were directed towards media promotion, increasing the recognisability of IOST in Eastern Europe and Russia. Since the 3rd quarter of 2019, we have been working with Youtube channel Zavodil. Zavodil is a very promising channel with a lively and intelligent audience, with over 11,000 real subscribers. Since then, we have released at least one video per month with a video review of the IOST news project.

In the second quarter, we organized and conducted the AMA with the participation of Terence Wang on the telegram channel Binance, which has more than 29 thousand participants and is the most authoritative crypto channel in Russia and the CIS.

We also helped the IOST team to perform AMA IOST X Okex in the official Russian channel. For more than 2 hours, we conducted AMA. We believe that the most important task is to attract new users to the IOST project. If there aren’t any new users, no one will use DAPS. Therefore, in the third quarter, we plan to expand the informational presence of IOST in the Russian crypto media. We stand for transparency in the evaluation of contributions — on the link, on our site you can see our report.

Link (

12. Kwudor

Just like Mr. Terry’s speech at “lianchaguan” in Chengdu, we have always believed that the game ecology may be the first and most effective to bring the prosperity of the public chain. Therefore, we keep practicing Kwudor’s original intention with practical actions and work in IOST game ecology.

In the second quarter, Kwudor worked in three major areas:

  • First, as a content platform, Kwudor vigorously promoted IOST ecological contents in community. In addition to reposting IOST important contents, 34 original IOST ecological strategies and other contents have had a total page view of 98,000. Among them, the original production of IOST introductory video have had total harvest of 19,000 page views in the second quarter.
  • Second, Kwudor had invested more than 200,000 IOST to carry out activities with ecological DAPPs in and out of the IOST community, created an active atmosphere within the ecology, and widely publicized IOST outside the ecology.
  • Third, in Kwudor’s online gift mall, players were provided with IOST accounts for free and directly guided to choose IOST chain games. According to the official requirements of IOST, I overfulfilled the reposting of important information of IOST and participated in node meetings.

In the third quarter, Kwudor plans to further intensify the creation and promotion of original ecological content around IOST. We will further intensify community activities funded by IOST and DAPPs. We will promote IOST ecology and games to more extensive players in and out of the IOST ecosystem and chain game circle. And we will promote the prosperity of IOST ecology. We also hope that the project parties of IOST ecological DAPPs can strengthen cooperation with Kwudor to jointly contribute to the prosperity of IOST ecology.

13. GameTea

Our main contributions in the IOST ecosystem are from the following categories.

  • 1. Media reports, interviews and reports on the new projects of the IOST ecosystem and the new progress of iost
  • 2. Online and offline activities. In Q2, we hosted the Chengdu (International) Digital Culture and Creative Industry Blockchain Summit in Chengdu, guided by relevant Chengdu government departments, and invited iost co-founder Terry to attend the summit and deliver a speech, also assisted in docking interviews and reports from the People’s Daily Online and
  • 3. The incubation of blockchain games onchain. In Q2, we also launched a blockchain game entrepreneurship camp with IOST to jointly incubate the start-up blockchain games teams. At present, 2 small teams have settled in and the product is under development. We hope to see them online in Q3.

In the future, Gametea will continue to focus on these three aspects and contribute more media communication and actual blockchain game production lines to IOST.

14. Citadel (Paradigm Fund)

Just to give a brief overview of the functionality that is accessible with our app:

  • A non-custodial platform for staking
  • The fastest onboarding of new holders
  • No need to care about RAM and GAS
  • Vote on IOST governance proposals
  • Support for one-seed wallet, hardware, import/export existing wallets
  • Start tracking your rewards just with your public account name or public key. Our goal is to make more people stake on IOST in a decentralized fashion and make IOST more secure. Thank you for your time and consideration!

15. Unseen Magic

In Q3, we plan to introduce more game modes, and continue to grow the user base. Technically, we will design new NFT according to the newest IOST standard.


GOGOC community, jointly created by elites such as Gravity Node, Gravity Writers Association, GNF Fund, etc., focuses on blockchain knowledge education, content creation, blockchain investment, has well-known investment managers, blockchain industry mentors, and blockchain influencers, and professional blockchain technology personnel. At present, there are 43 communities under its umbrella, including the advanced community of Blockchain Xiaobai School.

In Q2, GOGOC focused on content, community, and promotion. We have focused on the key and hot events of IOST and produced & published many high-quality articles on various platforms in the blockchain industry such as Lichang, Bihu, Jianshu, and other platforms. We also guide community users to participate in IOST activities and to forward content. At the same time, we have also actively helped with the official announcements of IOST official major events; in addition, GOGOC has also participated in the IOST Hundred Groups project to help build the IOST community.

In the next quarter, GOGOC will expand the content creation team, the head author of Jinri will be joining, so you will see more diversified news. At the same time, GOGOC will increase its efforts to expand the IOST community, introduce discussions, promote the development of the IOST blockchain gaming industry, and help IOST to continue to expand its territory. Build, fusion, and share together with IOST! Let’s welcome the glorious tomorrow of IOST! This is the end of my speech tonight. I also hope that other nodes can provide valuable suggestions. Thank you for listening.

17. Sonata

Since the launch of mainnet years ago, many potential IOST members feedback that they are having difficulty in creating an IOST mainnet account and many of them are not willing to pay for the account creation. As a community node, Sonata decided to address this pain point and rollout out a free and easy IOST Creation account service in Q2 2020.

Sonata IOST account creation service will verify each user via their mobile numbers by sending One Time Passcode to ensure it is a valid user. Each mobile number are entitled to one free IOST account fully funded by Sonata. This is a one-step service provided to improve and simplified the current onboarding process. Ever since the introduction of the services in May, Sonata had helped and created over 1700 accounts so far.

Thanks everyone and Sonata will continue to address more community requests in the future.

18. TokenPocket

In Q2, we added support for IOST NFT and jointly launched the first wallet anniversary NFT skin with XPET; optimized the wallet experience and increased the stability of the system; as well as cooperate with the team in promotional events.

If you have any new updates or articles, you can contact us too. Also, if you can continue to give away free accounts in the community for free, we are willing to provide accounts for node operators; 2nd anniversary TP IOST special event.

IOST Tutorial: Cooperation with the TP community to write the first IOST White Book (Bilingual in Chinese and English), and cooperate with the official IOST team to continuously work on promotion.

Community support: IOST daily quick news and synchronization of important news with our community, customer service; actively answer user questions in the IOST community, and handle user wallet related issues.

Finally, thank you all for listening, and hope that the IOST community will continue to flourish with your efforts, and look forward to seeing you next time!

The quarter’s contribution meeting has ended on a successful note. A deep thank you to the node partners to have taken the time out of your busy schedule to attend this meeting. In the third quarter of 2020, IOST will continue to work hand in hand with various node partners to create a more complete and decentralized ecosystem.

Join The IOST Community!

If you would like to hang out with the IOST community on chat, social media or to discuss product development, we have something for everyone:



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