IOST Awarded “Top 20 Emerging Innovative Enterprises” By China Enterprise and Blockchain Forum Attended by National Leaders

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4 min readJan 10, 2020


The 17th China Enterprise and Blockchain Forum was successfully concluded in the Great People’s Hall on Dec 21, 2019. Aiou Technology, an IOST ecosystem project and the enterprise arm of IOST in China, was awarded as the “Top 20 Emerging Innovative Enterprises of 2019”.

Other award recipients include China National Information and Communication Technology Group, 360 Security Technology, and Beijing Byte Beat Technology, the parent company of TikTok.

IOST’s Award-Winning Ecosystem Project

This forum had attracted significant attention and participation from national leaders and drove widespread influence among China’s businesses, governments, and academia. As a platform for the blockchain industry to converge and communicate with traditional industries, more than 200 representatives from listed companies, state-owned enterprises and small & medium-sized enterprises attended the summit.

After the forum, the 2019 top ten news release and several awards were announced. Aiou Technology won the title of “2019 Top 20 Emerging Innovative Enterprises” by virtue of its industry-leading blockchain business model and technology innovation potential.

This list was evaluated from the following dimensions:

  • scale of enterprise development
  • technological innovation
  • number of independent intellectual property projects and
  • number of technology patents

The companies that won the same awards with Aiou Technology are all leading companies in various industries, including state-owned enterprises, industry giants, and large A-share listed companies, such as

  • China Information and Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd.,
  • Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.,
  • Beijing Beidou Navigation Technology Co., Ltd.,
  • Changhong Meiling Co., Ltd.,
  • 360 Security Technology Co., Ltd.,
  • Beijing Byte Beat Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

Being rated as one of the most innovative enterprises in 2019 reflects the recognition and leading role of Aiou Tech in the industry, thanks to its advanced technology and various adoption scenarios.

Terry’s Speech Reported By China Enterprise News

After the summit, China Enterprise News redacted a special report on IOST co-founder Terry.

In the report, IOST co-founder Terry commented that blockchain technology can help enterprises save time, reduce costs, reduce risks, and increase reliability. Enterprises should evaluate on the future of blockchain technology and actively embrace it. IOST technology has been implemented in philanthropy, IoT, electricity trading and other fields, and is still actively exploring other fields.

China Enterprise News is the only state-owned newspaper in China that focuses on enterprises and entrepreneurs. It is under the supervision of the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association, as serve as a popular reference for the National People’s Congress, vaious national administrative bodies, and World Top 500 Enterprises.

This report marks a starting point for IOST’s cross-industrial and innovative developing path.

IOST And Aiou Technology, Converging The Power of Public And Consortium Chain

IOST has always considered blockchain technology as an important way to empower the real economy. Since the beginning of its establishment, IOST has been committed to building the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain and exploring the real adoption scenarios. At present, IOST technology has been implemented in philanthropy, IoT, product traceability, e-commerce payment and other fields. IOST is also committed to promoting the blockchain technology to collaborate with businesses and governments, and has been exploring the consortium chain space for a long time now.

Aiou Technology focuses on the technical requirements of the consortium chain, and strives to provide professional blockchain solutions for government and enterprises; it has achieved partnerships with multiple government bodies and enterprises and has a high reputation and recognition among government agencies and traditional enterprises. In addition to being awarded as the “Top 20 Emerging Innovative Enterprises of 2019”, Aiou Technology is honored to become a standing member of Blockchain Branch of the China Software Industry Association. Besides, it was selected as the “2019 China Blockchain technology innovative enterprises” by CCID, and the “Top 100 Blockchain Enterprises”, “Fintech Star” and other more.

We believe that with IOST’s deep technical background and rich experience in the public chain field combined with Aiou Technology’s strong government-enterprise cooperation relationships and recognition in the consortium chain field, it will help to deliver a major breakthrough for blockchain technology to empower the real-world economy.